Helium, the company behind the peer-to-peer wireless network – The People’s Network – is teaming up with RAKwireless and Cal-Chip Connected Devices to bring you the FIRST third-party gateway solution on the Helium Network — the RAK Hotspot Miner.

RAK Hotspot Miner

This affordable, reliable and secure solution, manufactured by RAKwireless to Helium's exacting specification, acts as a Hotspot, router, and miner all in one package. Cal-Chip Connected Devices is proud to be the exclusive distributor.
With this partnership, anyone can now own and operate a wireless network for IoT devices. The RAK Hotspot Miner acts with, and like, all Helium Hotspots.

Why Helium?

With Helium’s own open-source blockchain technology, anyone can deploy Hotspots to provide hundreds of square miles of wireless coverage — more easily, efficiently and cost-effectively – while simultaneously mining HNT, a new cryptocurrency as an incentive for building the network.