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Helium earnings simulator

Helium Mining Calculator

Find out your location's HNT earning potential with a click of a button! HotspotRF simulates Radio Frequency (RF) coverage and overlays it with Helium Hotspot data to calculate your HNT earning potential. Find out your Helium mining profitability in terms of both coverage and $HNT earning potential via their Helium mining calculator! Claim your free credits and get started today!


  • Estimated Rewards

    Simulate a hotspot placement and receive a reward estimate! Easily compare placements and choose the highest-earning locations to earn the most $HNT via our Helium mining calculator.

  • Radio Frequency Data

    Input location, frequency, antenna gain, height, and cable loss to simulate the RF coverage your hotspot should have.

  • Rewards Scale Prediction

    View the predicted reward scale your hotspot will receive to further understand earning potential of the location.

  • Helium Hotspot Data

    Visually explore hotspots online in your area, view their 1 & 7 day rewards, reward scale, and HIP-17 heat maps.

  • Interactive Geo Data

    Lookup a specified location by latitude/longitude, Helium Hotspot name, or street address, and overlay RF data.

  • Data Sharing

    Data sharing helps teams share the details of previous placement searches using a unique link to you. The link can be viewed by anyone!

About HotspotRF

HotspotRF helps you optimize your hotspot placement by using Radio Frequency (RF) modeling and overlaying it with Helium Hotspot data, we help you choose the best locations for your valuable Hotspots in terms of both coverage and $HNT earnings potential!