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Your Internet


The PKT Cube is

  • Plug and play

    Simply connect the PKT Cube to an internet connection and a power source and begin earning PKT Cash ($PKT) every 60 seconds.

  • Safe and Secure

    The PKT Cube simply proves you have bandwidth, but it is not actually “using” your bandwidth.

  • Fully Equipped

    The PKT Cube features include a powerful 16-core AMD Ryzen CPU, a proprietary PkteerOS operating system and PKT hardware wallet that can transact PKT payments using a mobile device.

  • Whisper-quiet

    The Cube is so whisper-quiet you wont even know its on.

  • Ships Everywhere

    The PKT Cube is now shipping worldwide.

  • Geofencing

    Coming soon there will be many additional revenue streams including, VPN and bandwidth sales.

Additional Revenue Stream – Wi-Fi Sharing

The PKT Cube also includes Wi-Fi sharing. This is a feature you can activate to earn additional income by sharing internet access with your neighbor. With Wi-Fi sharing, no one is using your internet IP address, you are providing access to the PKT Network through VPN. All connections are end-to-end encrypted so your internet is always safe, private and secure.

Why Choose PKT Cube?

What is PKT Cash?

PKT Cash is a cryptocurrency that is minted every 60 seconds and paid to people who are proving they have bandwidth and encrypting the PKT Network. This means that the Internet now pays you for connecting. PKT is the currency for bandwidth and is now trading on Bittrex Global (non-US) and Bitmart (Global/US).

How it Works

PKT Cube: The Next Generation of Mining

The PKT Cube is an edge device that allows individuals to earn money from their unused internet. By doing so you are building a network that is owned by the people and not by a monopoly ISP

About PKT Pal

PKT Pal provides turnkey solutions for people to earn money from their unused internet bandwidth. PKT Pal makes it easy with a focus on security and privacy. Join the other Pkteers in making passive income while you sleep.

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