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Everynet LoRaWAN® Neutral Hosts Network

Everynet is a global LoRaWAN® network operator and provides carrier grade networks in Asia, EMEA, and the Americas. Everynet makes IoT accessible across any industry to enable enterprise-grade solutions and is deployed using LoRaWAN® technology, the globally-adopted open standard for IoT connectivity.

Everynet Solutions

We believe Everynet's curated ecosystem of LPWA solutions is crucial to the successful monetisation of a nationwide network deployment.

  • 2G/3G

Smart Cities are Built on Data

Cities around the globe face the same challenges, and thesolutions are rooted in data. It can be leveraged to makebetter and more cost-effective decisions on infrastructureissues ranging from water usage to public lighting, wastemanagement to traffic volume on major thoroughfaresand more.

Everynet, an IoT network provider, is helping enable the creation of smart cities through their national LoRaWAN® network. Everynet offers you a fully deployed, ultra-low-cost infrastructure that can rapidly connect billions of devices designed for massive scale. Obtain data in real-time to make quick, smart decisions to optimize your city services. The network is CAPEX-free and offers maximum flexibility.

Everynet and the Internet of Things enables cities to improve operational efficiency, enhance sustainability efforts and improve the quality of life for its citizens

What Makes a City Smart?

Smart cities provide city managers with regular feedback to help themmake better informed decisions regarding city operations. Thanks toIoT, access to real-time information on air pollution, traffic noise, utilities,waste, consumption and more empowers cities to increase sustainabilityand improve quality of life.

LoRaWAN: A Golden Opportunity for 2G/3G Replacement

With major network providers worldwide on the verge of shutting down 2G/3G cellular networks,enterprises are considering how and where to migrate their products and services.It's a daunting situation with concerns about potential obsolescence, inferior connectivityalternatives, associated network switching costs, maintaining ROI and much more. Thegood news is there is a far superior option for not only maintaining current enterprisesolutions but also for creating new revenue streams.

The answer can be found in LoRaWAN® network connectivity.

Everynet guides enterprisesthrough the transition fromsunsetting 2G/3G networks to anew era of opportunities withLoRaWAN® connectivity.


More than 125 million cellular IoT devices deployed globally, 53% running on 2G/3G

2G/3G sunsetting affects more than 50%of all IoT devices connected via cellular

LoRaWAN®: The Best Choice for Network Connectivity

Everynet, an IoT network provider, is helping enterprises make the switch from 2G/3Gthrough their national LoRaWAN® network. Everynet offers a fully deployed, ultra-low-costinfrastructure that can rapidly connect billions of devices designed for massive scale.

This enables you to gather data in real time to make fast, informed decisions that optimizeyour enterprise products and services. The network is CAPEX-free and offers maximumflexibility.

Smart Buildings Demand Real-Time Data

New technologies, the Environmental, Social andGovernance (ESG) standards, and urgent safetyconcerns during COVID-19 have combined toproduce both enormous challenges and enormousopportunities for building management.

By integrating LoRaWAN-powered IoT solutionsand the data it provides, property managers cantake control of both.

Everynet and the Internet of Things enable publicand private building managers to monitor andoptimize maintenance services, energy and waterconsumption, occupancy status, air quality, assetusage and tracking, and more.

Commercial building costs follow a 3:30:300 rule that gives insight in optimizing building operation costs: 

$30 /sqft for rent 

$300 /sqft for payroll

(Source: JAmes Lang LaSalle (JLL)

Smart Building Benefits


Multiple-floor coverage with a single gateway, enabling quick large-scale rollouts


Reliable indoor,outdoor, aboveand undergroundareas,addressing allbuilding needs


Introduction of a variety of innovative building services


Cost-effectivesolutions withstrong ROI throughconsumptionreduction anddisasterprevention


Legacy systemintegrationcapabilities andinfrastructure forlong-termsustainability

Smart Retail

LoRaWAN® accelerates the retail industry's digital transformation for managing stores,inventory and employee wellbeing while meeting ever evolving customer needs amid anarray of global disruptions and disruptors.

The retail industry had already experienced years of pressure to adapt to new technologyand buyer behaviors as the global pandemic hit. Retailers with established eCommerceoperations were better equipped to navigate the crisis and maintain their revenue streamswhile others shut down completely. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) provides solutionswith deep indoor-outdoor, wide area connectivity that retailers need to provide an effectiveand seamless experience from supply management to employee responsibilities andcustomer experience.

What Makes a Retailer Smart?

To successfully navigate current market trends and customer behaviors influenced by technological,supply chain and health disruptions, retailers need to integrate Smart solutions.Connected retail establishments enable Smart solutions throughout every aspect of theretail operation — from supply logisitcs such as monitoring asset location and status; toensuring buildings are safe and environmental controls are managed — help ensure a positivecustomer experience. The Internet of Things provides the proven, go-to technologies toguide this very transformation.

Smart Schools

LoRaWAN and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provide new and innovative approaches forschool safety and building management while also creating unique educational experiencesfor students.

Schools play an integral role in our society and therefore need to be equipped with the latest in Smart technologies. IoT technology offers school managers and administrators unprecedented opportunities for improving campus safety, asset tracking and indoor-outdoor monitoring — all for the wellbeing of the student body and staff. In addition, instructors can introduce the network sensors and devices in the classroom to better prepare students for the future by learning through new technologies.

New Richmond Schools in Tipp City, Ohio save approximately $128,000 annually by using a web-based system to control all mechanical equipment inside their buildings.

LoRa sensors can monitor carbon dioxide (CO2), particulate concentrations, humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and nitrogen dioxide levels in the air - all critical for maintaining healthy classrooms.

Smart School Benefits


Complete coverage of large campuses and field environments with wide-area connectivity


Increased energy efficiency via smart meeting


Reduced operating costs by replacing manual processes with digital solutions


Safety and security improvements across the board

What Makes a School Smart?

IoT technologies are digitally transforming companies the world over. There is no reasonschools cannot follow suit. The same needs for safety, security, efficiency and operationalcost reduction apply. The same technologies that are making society smart are themselvesgolden learning opportunities in the classroom for instructors and students alike!

IoT Keeps the Meters Running for Smart Utilities

The Internet of Things is unleashing enormous opportunities for water, gas and electricityutilities worldwide, including:

  • Smart metering for waste reduction

  • Consumption optimization

  • Predictive maintenance

Utility companies and their customers are focused on cutting costs, increasing efficiency andkeeping overall consumption under control. IoT technology offers solutions to proactivelymanage water, gas and electricity consumption and processes on a massive scale. Convertingfrom conventional to smart metering alone enables automatic readings, measuring use ratesand the wireless transmission of data — all of which equates to reduced costs and improvedcustomer satisfaction.

40% of all i nstalled LoRaWAN bases will be for water and gas metering.

Smart city applications can reduce water consumption by 2-30%.

(Source: IoT Analytics Smart City Market Report 2020-2025)

France Nova Veolia and Subsidiary Birdz, a pioneer in remote metering of energy consumption for smart cities, are deploying over 3 million water meters connecting to public LoRaWAN networks covering more than 30,000 municipalities and 95% of more than 70% of their meters remotely by 2027.

(SOURCE: LoRa Alliance white paper "Why utilities are choosing smart LoRaWAN® connectivity)

Smart Energy Management through Data

Data exists, and can be leveraged, in virtually all aspects of utility operations. Metering,billing, predictive maintenance, safety, leak detection — each can be massively optimizedby integrating an IoT network of sensors that effectively monitor and analyze water, gasand electricity usage and processes.

Everynet, an IoT network provider, facilitates the transformation to smart utilities throughour national LoRaWAN network. Everynet offers a fully deployed, ultra-low-cost infrastructurethat can rapidly connect billions of devices designed for massive scale. You’llhave access to real-time data, empowering you to revolutionize your approach to predictivemaintenance and decision making. The network is CAPEX-free and offers maximumflexibility.

Using LoRa Network Offers Utilities a Wide Range of Benefits

Water Utilities

  • Further sustainability through better water quality analysis, reduced water andnon-revenue water loss, decreased consumer costs through better water measurement
  • Reduction in illegal access of water networks, fraud, meter tampering, water theft andimproved revenue collection

Natural Gas Utilities

  • Leakage and shock detection along gas pipelines, allowing immediate shut off of gasflow in case of emergencies, such as seismic activity
  • Reduced fraud by preventing bypassing or rigging gas meters

General Utility Benefits

  • Significantly less network, device and operational costs via open-source LoRaWANCapEx and OpEx plans
  • Increased billing accuracy for much improved customer support and management
  • Reduced labor costs by replacing manual reading with automatic transmission ofconsumption rates

Everynet Offers

Long-range connectivity suitable for urban environments

Long battery life - up to 10 years of use

Low-cost chipsets and networks

Small packet data communications at massive volume

Everynet-Ready Sensors

Users can seamlessly extend coverage from the Everynet National Network to remote locations or to enhance deep in-building coverage. In addition, any LoRaWAN® sensor may be added to a wholesaler’s customer account.