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The AIRICA starter kit with indoor air quality sensors and one light feedback device includes the following items:
    • 3 high quality Indoor Air Quality Sensors (CO2, Temperature, Humidity, VoC, Barometric Pressure), article AIRICA.senses.iaq
    • 1 Feedback Light to show you the CO2-Level in the room in real-time, article AIRICA.drop
    • 3 month access to the AIRICA App (Managed Services), article
With the Starter Kit the Indoor Air Quality of 3 rooms at one location can be monitored and the feedback lights show in real-time if the CO2-Level is too high (green, yellow, red). The AIRICA App records and analyses the data and gives you deep insights about the Indoor Air Quality of your rooms at any time, or during working hours. The Starter Kit is designed for professional use for B2B (e.g. offices, co-working, industry) or B2G (e.g. schools, hospitals, health care facilities) customers.
AIRICA.drop Light Feedback
AIRICA.drop is a light feedback device which gives real-time feedback to the users about the indoor air quality based on the measurements of the AIRICA indoor air quality sensors (e.g. AIRICA.senses.iaq). The light thresholds can be configured in the by the user. The AIRICA.drop is based on LoRaWAN® Technology and includes a USB C Cable and a Plug. 

Important: The light feedback is an add-on for the main product, the AIRICA.senses.iaq. It does not work without the IAQ Sensor and without Helium network coverage
Different Light Scenes
  • Lamp on / off
  • Different light colors e.g. green, orange, red to indicate good, medium and bad air quality
  • Reacts to the measured CO2 values of the sensors 

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