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Invoxia Tracker – Plug and Play. Anywhere.

CalChip Connect is pleased to offer the Invoxia LongFi GPS Tracker which runs on the Helium Network! Invoxia’s trackers are the best-selling standalone GPS trackers in Europe, having helped retrieve several thousand stolen vehicles. Designed with simplicity in mind, Invoxia trackers make it possible to locate anything, anywhere and protect high-value vehicles and valuables with ease. 

Anti-theft Alerts


Smart Alert & Lost Mode

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Solutions and Use Cases

Invoxia LongFi GPS Tracker

Helium Network Compatible

Invoxia GPS trackers fit exactly where you want them and help you find what you're missing. They are easy to use, always reliable, and work anywhere in the world. Their small size and battery life allow you to place tracking devices virtually anywhere--in your car, your handbag, or even on your pet!

About Invoxia

Invoxia is a French company founded in 2010 that develops and commercializes a range of consumer and professional trackers to monitor cars, motorcycles, people, and any valuables that can get lost or stolen. Invoxia was one of the first companies to launch a GPS tracker on SIGFOX and LoRa® in Europe and on 4G LTE-M networks in both the U.S. and Germany. The company’s innovation division, Invoxia Innovation Lab, supports major companies in developing custom hardware sensors that integrate AI into tracking devices. Invoxia has developed innovative products for the likes of BIC, Richemont, Amazon and Verisure.