CalChip Connect



Our Healthcare Solutions

Leverage the power of IoT for better patient outcomes

The power of IoT brings new safety, security, and control to hospitals, nursing homes, and urgent care centers. CalChip Connect helps you go beyond monitoring for effective management, transparency, and optimization.

We connect the IoT dots to provide:

  • Med device and bed tracking to monitor important assets in order to deliver critical care promptly
  • Access monitoring and patient counting to keep you informed from Emergency and ICU to rooms and elevators
  • Medical staff and patient monitoring that provides or restricts access, and ensures maximum safety around the facility
  • Dementia patient tracking and wander management solutions that monitor patient whereabouts and alert staff in order to keep them safe and secure
  • Fall detection solutions that immediately notify staff when a patient is in trouble
  • Environmental monitoring including temperature, humidity, and water leaks to provide constant feedback from every floor
  • Air pressure sensing to ensure proper pressure differentials in surgical rooms
  • Predictive maintenance monitoring that assures all service intervals are met from HVAC to medical hardware to cafeteria equipment
  • Optimal and secure hospital cart connectivity through the power of private LTE, not Wi-Fi
  • Peace-of-mind with real-time status and alerts through mobile and desktop applications

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