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Connect Your Car To The Future

Take control of your car data and unlock new features & rewards

Life behind the wheel is liberating. We took that open road philosophy and built an open-source platform—where real driver data makes technology that’s actually useful, and where everyone involved has their say.

DIMO Is for Drivers

Share data on your terms, get rewarded in the long term. DIMO helps you get more from your vehicle data. Save money, learn how to take better care of your car, and contribute to a future where car apps are built by drivers, not by the OEMs.

DIMO is for Developers

Build on the biggest open network of mobility data—ever. DIMO is teaming up with developers to create a new class of mobility apps. Build on DIMO’s stable, open-source platform and utilize real-world data from the tens of thousands of cars that contribute to the network.

DIMO is Decentralized

DIMO is an open-source, decentralized project. Anyone that’s part of the DIMO community and holds $DIMO tokens - our network of drivers, developers, car hackers, and partners - has a say in the platform and a part to play in its future. Explore the Ecosystem.

DIMO Explorer

Check out the network and your vehicle's compatibility on the DIMO Explorer.

Why Choose DIMO?

AutoPi x DIMO Device

Purchase a DIMO miner, collect your vehicle data, and access the DIMO ecosystem.

The DIMO Data Miner plugs into your vehicle's OBD2 port, the standard data port available on nearly every vehicle. With cellular connectivity built right in, all you need to do is pair your device with the DIMO Mobile app and you’re ready to earn rewards.

Installing Your DIMO Hardware

DIMO Mobile App

Download the DIMO mobile app to get started.

Available for free on iOS and Android.

About DIMO

DIMO's mission is to be the driving force behind the future of mobility: a future where data shapes infrastructure, emissions are lower, roads are safer, and life behind the wheel is—well, better. DIMO is the people-powered movement behind the next generation of mobility services. By connecting drivers and their data with developers and manufacturers, we’re building the largest, most useful IoT network of user-owned devices—starting with cars.

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