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CalChip Connect



iot solutions for any industry



Our mission is to accelerate IoT adoption by making all devices easy to use and services connected.

Whatever your need is, IoT has an answer, and we have a way to make it simple.

Plug-n-Play Solutions

One of the main things we pride ourselves on here at CalChip Connect is removing the complexities of IoT and creating an easy, plug-n-play experience for our customers. This means that we handle the legwork of dealing with provisioning, key distribution, and initial hardware setup, so that all you need to do is plug the device in and take advantage of the data obtained. We have plug-n-play solutions that run on certain public networks, such as The People’s Network by Helium, as well as solutions for particular use cases such as water leak detection and many more!

Explore Helium-Powered Solutions

Helium Network Compatible Solutions

Monitoring facility data proactively

HowsMyStore — Facility Monitoring Solution

Enhance School Safety

CrisisGo — School Safety 


Remote Temperature Monitoring

Pilot Things — Temperature Monitoring Solution

Predictive Maintenance

Senzary — Designed to Solve Business Challenges

We don’t just Sell IoT

Solutions Pilot Program

Strategic Partnership

We can setup a discovery call to discuss your project at any stage of planning or implementation

Effective Planning

We identify the best hardware options for your goals including any other connected devices needed

Expert in IoT

Our team will help you determine which type of connectivity is appropriate for your solution

Boost Your Business

With our help, you can choose the best web dashboard provider and mobile app developer

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