CalChip Connect



Our Agriculture Solutions

The benefits of IoT will grow on you

Agricultural enterprises and grow facilities require absolute control and consistency to keep crops growing. CalChip Connect IoT solutions to assure optimal yields – outdoors and indoors.

We connect the IoT dots to provide:

  • Soil moisture and health solutions that constantly optimize components for maximum growth
  • Plant health monitoring to make sure everything is growing big and strong
  • Irrigation optimization with sensor solutions that measure and monitor ideal irrigation parameters
  • Remote valve control solutions to keep irrigation and other systems working to peak performance
  • Environmental monitoring including temperature, humidity, air quality, and light to provide constant feedback and optimization in every corner of grow facility
  • Access monitoring to provide or restrict access, and to ensure maximum safety around the field or in the grow facility
  • Asset tracking to monitor the whereabouts of equipment and supplies
  • Silo level monitoring to measure and monitor storage
  • Cattle/livestock health and tracking solutions to measure and monitor the parameters you require for your heard
  • Peace-of-mind with real-time status and alerts through mobile and desktop applications

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