About Senzary

Senzary is an Industrial IoT service provider focused on end-to-end, pre-integrated solutions for everyday problems in industrial environments.
Our secure IoTLogIQ technology provides on-demand, real-time, cloud-based data processing, business & advanced analytics, including AI/Machine Learning and anomaly detection solutions.
Edge deployments available upon request. Need to install IoTLogIQ on your cloud or datacenter? not a problem. Our solutions can be deployed quickly in many environments.

Senzary Portfolio

RotaryIQ enables maintenance managers of motors and rotary equipment to avoid downtime, expensive repairs, and technician services through innovative AI enabled sensors providing 24/7 wireless monitoring of vibration, ultrasound, shock, tri-axial movements, and temperature. Provides anomaly index, pattern usage, FFT data, real-time, historic data and more, for much better control over equipment efficiency, availability, effectiveness, and utilization. Adding the power+ option, allows to control all related electrical signals such as Volts, Amps, kWh, kVar, Active & Reactive energy, and more. IoTLogIQ allows to manage multiple machines, and other sensors across multiple locations.
Over 400 different sensors can be incorporated into your solutions quickly and effectively. Modbus and PLC projects are also welcomed.