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Private 4G/5G Network

Bringing edge devices together to create next-generation networks

You may know it as CBRS, or Private LTE, or OnGo. However you know it, it's the technology that allows any business, city, or organization to deploy and operate their own private cellular network. No more running mission-critical applications over Wi-Fi. No more running Ethernet and fiber cables throughout your building or under your parking lot. No more monthly bills from the carriers. Private 4G/5G networking equipment is here, and it is transforming industries across the country.

Although there are hundreds of products in the Private 4G/5G space, CalChip distributes a select few pieces of equipment that build the foundation of any private network. Our selection of 4G/5G products will be growing over the next few years, so please reach out if you don't see what you're looking for.

The MultiTech MultiConnect® CBRS Wi-Fi Access Point for CBRS Cellular Networks

The MultiConnect® CBRS Wi-Fi AP, a Wi-Fi Access Point extends Wi-Fi over OnGo Networks for school districts, educational facilities, smart cities and hospitality providers without requiring expensive cable drops or additional communication boxes. The ideal solution for managed service providers and system integrators reducing the digital divide, connecting people and stranded assets.

Easy. Simple.

The award-winning CBRS Wi-Fi AP is FCC-Authorized as a CBRS End Device (EUD), meaning no costly SAS fees per month to connect. Enabling low cost one-to-many connectivity for anyone using Chromebooks, notebooks, desktops, barcode readers, and other Wi-Fi enabled smart devices. 

Simple, flexible installation options

Easy set up

Scalable commissioning and configuration

Remote device management

Secure, unique wireless credentials

No spectrum access fees required