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Senet Ecosystem

Connecting the IoT Revolution with Senet

Senet develops cloud-based software and services for the on-demand deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) networks. Senet owns and operates one of the largest public carrier-grade LoRaWAN® networks in the United States and offers private, owner-operated network options for enterprise and multi-location businesses. Through Extended Coverage integrations, Senet provides terrestrial coverage in over 170 countries and integration with satellite network services supports connectivity globally. Technical leadership, deployment flexibility, and superior customer service have helped Senet become a market leader with recognized expertise in building and operating highly scalable and secure IoT networks.

Creating Value Through a Powerful Partner Ecosystem

Senet supports a wide selection of LoRaWAN gateways, sensors and end-devices for your IoT solution deployment. Our network and device management services are built on a common cloud-based services architecture designed to scale as your business needs grow.

Senet-Ready Gateways

Senet recommends using LoRaWAN® gateways that support the Senet Packet Forwarder. LoRaWAN gateways that support Semtech Basic Station are a viable alternative.

Senet-Ready End Devices

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