About CrisisGo

CrisisGo is the premier safety platform that provides emergency communication and management of critical events across all stakeholders, including first responders. CrisisGo is adopted by organizations for emergency response to virtually any incident or critical situation – including active shooter, lockdown, fire, natural disaster, and any day-to-day situations, including medical events, student fighting, bullying, and more.
No other school safety solution can offer the range of functionality, ease of use, and reliability. Furthermore, CrisisGo’s Internet of Things (IoT) safety solutions, like Safety OneClick, significantly improve your organization’s ability to alert everyone of an incident and swiftly respond. Integrating safety devices and technologies helps safety teams respond faster and more effectively.
CrisisGo’s Safety OneClick IoT Solution
Safety OneClick allows organizations to utilize help buttons based on LoRaWAN wireless technology, which presents a fast and reliable alternative to wi-fi. The process is simple, reliable, and immediate. Once the IoT button is pressed during an incident, the LoRaWAN gateway transmits the signal to CrisisGo, and an Alert is immediately activated, allowing your organization to properly respond.


Users are required to have an existing CrisisGo subscription to utilize Safety OneClick.
Pain-Free Roll-Out & Easy Integration
The cost of retrofitting your buildings and classrooms with hardwired panic buttons is expensive, but IoT devices provide an affordable and effective solution that can be quickly implemented. Safety OneClick requires minimal setup and training, and the low cost of these devices allows you to equip your entire district with technology that can potentially save lives.
In addition to IoT devices offering a vital safety function on their own, they can also be integrated into many of your existing technology and safety systems as you continue to evolve your safety culture.

CrisisGo Utilizes AWS for Maximum Reliability

CrisisGo's platform needs to be available at all times for the safety of our clients, which is why CrisisGo runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to always ensure a safe and secure connection.
By utilizing AWS, they are able to offer our customers the best service with an incredibly fast hosting platform that protects the security of your organization. AWS' superior scalability and reliable uptime ensures your services will be ready when you need them.