Our customers deserve fast action. That's why it's now within the customer's power to edit their own shipping address. Please ensure you are entering your shipping details accurately, as CalChip cannot be held responsible for lost or missing packages due to address errors.


Please follow the instructions below on how to edit your own shipping address, and please be sure to input all information accurately.


How do edit your shipping address on an existing CalChip Connect Order:


1. Go to www.calchipconnect.com and sign in to, or create your account:




2. Sign in with your email and password:



3. Find Confirmation Email sent from orders@calchipconnect.com and select "View your order":

4. Select “Update Address”


5. Edit your shipping address:



6. Select “Update Address” 


7. You will receive this notice:


8. Select Continue and view your new updated shipping address: