About Pilot Things

Pilot Things specializes in the creation of applications for connected objects. All software applications will soon integrate data from connected objects. New software components are needed.
Real-time sensor data is the new source of wealth for companies. It can improve existing processes and create new opportunities. There are so many possibilities that is is necessary to work with a partner who can provide you with an end-to-end solution.
Pilot Things designs solutions that are perfectly adapted to your context using our software components. Their StudioT server will be able to support all your future connected applications.
> Pilot Things uses software components to maximize your return on investment.
> All data is centralized in our IoT server for analysis.
> Pilot Things supports all sensors and all technologies to ensure that you can choose the most suitable one.


Monitoring Temperature Storage for Vaccines

COVID 19 vaccine doses are valuable. To ensure that they are kept at the right temperature, you need to be able to receive real-time alerts on your phone if they are compromised. ‍
Our solution allows you to track the temperature of your vaccine storage on your phone in real time using a wireless sensor. ‍
Whether you are a pharmacy or a storage center, we will be notified in real time in case of abnormal temperature.  

What Are the Benefits?

No wiring required, just place the sensor. Works with any type of refrigerator.


Real Time

You can check the temperature in real time and receive alerts from your phone