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Take the fast track to IoT innovation

MachineQ makes it simple to build, connect and deploy low power, wide-area IoT solutions at scale – quickly and with confidence.

MachineQ Strives To

Build Solutions To Connect Your World

Passion runs deep at MachineQ to solve problems that keep customers up at night. They help builders and enterprises transform IoT data into actionable insights that drive new revenue opportunities, improve operational efficiency, and optimize resource allocation.

Enable Our Customers

MachineQ is developing technology "designed for all users" — not just engineers. Their core principle is to build and deliver intuitive, easily adoptable, end-to-end products and solutions that enable any user to quickly engage and make an immediate impact on their business.

Provide Expertise & Leadership

Rapid innovation requires deep curiosity. MachineQ brings together the top professionals in their field with decades of experience in asking questions and solving for the future of connectivity. From engineers and developers, design thinkers and thought leaders, they remain focused and committed to education and training that empowers individuals and teams to help drive customers' success.

Solutions & Use Cases


Area 8c Gateway for LoRaWAN®

MachineQ’s Area 8c indoor gateway provides secure and reliable LoRaWAN® connectivity that works right out of the box. Engineered in-house by MachineQ’s LoRaWAN® experts, this plug-and-play gateway makes it easy for customers to deploy a dedicated LoRaWAN® network to power their IoT solutions.

About MachineQ, A Comcast Company

MachineQ, a Comcast Company, makes it simple for enterprises to build, connect and deploy long-range, low-power IoT solutions at scale. Utilizing LoRaWAN® technology, our fully integrated network connectivity platform delivers enhanced security and reduced total cost of ownership, while giving customers a single provider for technology, development, service, and support. Our end-to-end solutions and partnerships with leading IoT solution providers address a wide range of business challenges in key markets such as life sciences, healthcare, real estate & construction, food service, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and more.

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