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There's a New Buzz at CalChip Connect

We're pleased to announce that we've partnered with Pollen Mobile, the first privacy-focused mobile network that is owned and operated by its users! Pollen Mobile's network is open source, powered by the blockchain, and built for privacy. We'll be selling hardware compatible with the Pollen network - including a range of base stations called 'Flowers' along with validators known as 'Bumblebees'.

Sale is closed for this drop (06/27/22). Stay tuned for more information about the next drop and subscribe for notifications.

How It Works

Pollen is simple. You provide network coverage through a Flower, which is validated by Bumblebees, and you connect to a network as a Hummingbird with an eSIM - each of which earn you PollenCoin.


Flowers to the people

Flowers are small cell assemblies that wirelessly transfer data between your internet service provider and users of the Pollen network. They range from the size of a personal pizza box to a six-foot tower and can be placed anywhere, such as your home or office.


Move like a butterfly, validate like a Bee

Bumblebees are small, portable devices used to validate Pollen network coverage.  Bumblebees are best used while traveling in your car or other vehicles to validate network coverage while you’re on the go. Honeybee eSIMs can validate network coverage from your phone.


Connect as free as a Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are what your smartphones become after downloading and importing the Pollen Hummingbird eSIM. Once it’s set up, you’re able to connect to the network privately and securely – all while earning you PollenCoin.

Elderflower & Honeybee eSIM Bundle

Good news! We've worked with Pollen Mobile to enhance our provisioning flow, and are proud to say that orders from this drop will ship within 7 business days from the order being placed. After the Elderflower has shipped, you'll receive your Honeybee eSIM directly from Pollen via electronic delivery within 48 hours. Your NFT will be assigned to the Solana Wallet Address you provide within 48 hours of receiving the eSIM.

Flowers and Bees

  • Pre-provisioned with Pollen Mobile

Pollen Mobile Elderflower

The Elderflower is an outdoor antenna that is ideal for providing high speed coverage to a smaller outdoor area for a large number of users. Maximum Deployment range may be up to 5km. 

Flowers are antennas that wirelessly transfer data between your internet service provider and users of the Pollen network.

  • Pre-provisioned with Pollen Mobile

Pollen Mobile Honeybee eSIM

The Honeybee is an eSIM that enables you to validate the Pollen network right from your phone, earning 1 PollenCoin Incentive Credit (PIC) for every Flower you connect to. When paired with the Honeybee iOS app (Beta), Honeybees can drop Pollen around the world to incentivize Flowers to grow in new locations.


Pollen Mobile Bumblebee

Bumblebees are best used at your home to validate your own Flower and to validate other network coverage while traveling in your car, on a bike, or on foot to map the network while you're on the go. Bumblebees earn PCN for validating the network.

Note: Bumblebees must upload their coverage on a daily basis in order to earn daily rewards. You must connect to a Flower by 4pm PST every day for a solid 5 minutes to ensure validation is transmitted.

  • Looking to buy multiple bundles, Flowers, Bumblebees, and/or Honeybees?

 Elderflower & Bumblebee Bundle

We’ve bundled the Elderflower and Bumblebee together to make it easy to purchase everything you need to deploy and validate the Pollen network. Limited quantity available and max of one (1) bundle per order, as each device needs to be custom provisioned to your SOL Wallet. We’ll handle all of this for you, but please allow up to two (2) weeks for your bundle to ship, to ensure everything arrives ready to take out of the box and use.

Why Pollen

Pollen is an alternative to the legacy mobile carriers, combining a blockchain-based rewards and payment system with a number of open source technologies that promise to provide:

Privacy and Anonymity

It’s impossible for anyone to track your communications or collect your personal data – much less profit by selling it.*

*When utilizing a Hummingbird eSIM 

Lower Costs

Pollen's data prices aren’t bloated to pay for marketing, an executive’s private jet, or any other unnecessary costs because the network is owned and operated by its users.

Better Coverage

Anyone can extend the Pollen network by setting up a Flower anywhere – not where a corporation decides a new tower should be installed.


Pollen will empower its users to propose and vote on changes to the network when ownership and control are turned over to the Enhanced Decentralized Autonomous Organization (eDAO).

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About Pollen Mobile

Pollen is the first anonymous, decentralized, open source, data-only wireless network enabled by a crypto-economy that is owned and operated by its user community.

Pollen was started by Pronto, a San Francisco company that develops autonomous driving technology for off-road applications. Their technology requires reliable and affordable mobile connectivity, which they weren’t getting with legacy carriers, so they built their own network. Pollen soon realized then could open up their technology and enable the world’s first decentralized, privacy-focused, affordable mobile network owned and operated by its users.

There's a new buzz at calChip!

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