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FreedomFi Helium 5G LoRaWAN® & 5G-Ready Miner
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The FreedomFi LoRaWAN® & 5G-Ready Miner is the first omni-protocol miner for the Helium Network. It will min HNT for providing LoRa® coverage, but is also expandable with a certified CBRS antenna (and later WiFi access points) to mine cellular traffic.

FreedomFi Helium Gateway is the easiest path towards your open source Private LTE or 5G network. Be it for Fixed Wireless Access, Enterprise Cellular or Mobile Broadband, just plug a FreedomFi compatible small cell into a FreedomFi Gateway and start managing your private cellular network via a SaaS-hosted portal.

  • Currently only available in the United States
  • Ignite Open 5G Revolution - Expand your FreedomFi Gateway over time as the Helium blockchain evolves to support 5G and WiFi by connecting WiGi Access Points
  • Stay Up To Date - Zero-touch auto-update system ensures that the software on your FreedomFi Gateway will always run the latest version with no manual intervention required
  • Sync Instantly - With 4-core Intel CPU and 4GB RAM, FreedomFi Gateway is the most powerful Helium miner on the market, featuring the fastest blockchain sync times
  • Troubleshoot Locally - Local device status dashboard makes it possible to quickly troubleshoot and report issues, such as Internet connectivity problems
  • Deploy Indoor or Outdoor - All-aluminum, fanless chassis looks beautiful and has been ruggedized for a variety of deployment scenarios, including outdoors using compatible IP-rated enclosures
  • Mount on Wall or Ceiling - Wall/ceiling mounting gear, included in the packaging, makes it easy to securely install on any vertical or horizontal surface

Hardware Specifications

CPU Intel J1900 (Quad Core, 2.42 Ghz)
Storage 64GB SSD
USB 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 (for external accessories)
LPWAN Concentrator RAK 5146, 915 Mhz (US Only)
LPWAN Antenna 1.2 dBi, HWR Series; RP-SMA Connector
Ethernet 4 x RJ45 Gigabit
Power 12v (adapter provided), 20W Max
Dimensions H x W x D : 45 x 135 x 130mm
Operating Temp -10 + 50°C, +14 - +122°F
Chassis Fanless, Aluminum, Grey

OnTech Installation Service

We’ve partnered with OnTech Smart Services as our premier installation provider for FreedomFi gateways and small cells! OnTech Pros take care of everything in one appointment – installation, setup, and education – allowing you to build and use your own personal LTE and IoT network with confidence. 

*If installation is purchased, we will email you over instructions to book your installation with OnTech.

CalChip Connect in partnership with gigsky

Once you have your FreedomFi Small Cell installed and running, you’re able to start utilizing the network! FreedomFi and CalChip Connect have partnered with GigSky to provide connectivity via an eSIM and are providing a 60-day free trial to everyone who purchases one. Already purchased a small cell? Download the GigSky app here and click the button below to redeem your 60-day “Helium Bundle” plan ($59.99 value)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? We've got you covered!

Will this device provide 5G coverage?

No. This device will act as a regular Helium Hotspot, mining HNT rewards for providing LoRa coverage only. To provide 5G coverage you need to purchase a separate cellular radio, which plugs into one of the ethernet ports on the FreedomFi Gateway. The first certified indoor cellular radio is available for FreedomFi Gateway as part of the cellular bundle. We’ll be expanding the portfolio of certified cellular radios (including launching an outdoor version in November) over the next 12 months and make them available for sale through various distributors. Please review the Helium 5G roadmap for more details.

 Can I buy any CBRS radio myself and install it?

No. FreedomFi Gateway will only work with certified CBRS radios. Cellular radios come in many flavors and have a million knobs and settings. The only way for us to ensure consistent operation and security across all deployments is to only allow pre-certified radios with verified firmware presets. If you are interested in experimenting with CBRS, we encourage you to purchase a non-Helium compatible FreedomFi gateway and a CBRS bring-up session and we’ll walk you through setting up your own radio for your own network.

 Will standalone FreedomFi Gateway mine more HNT than other hotspots? 

No. Standalone FreedomFi Gateways will mine HNT just like the regular Helium Hotspot. To mine more than a regular hotspot, FreedomFi Gateway needs to be extended with a certified cellular radio.

Can I deploy it outdoors?

You can only deploy FreedomFi Gateway outdoors in an IP rated enclosure, like this one or similar. FreedomFi Gateways have a ruggedized, industrial grade casing that can operate in +14 to +122°F temperature range, but cannot be directly exposed to rain.

When will it ship after I purchase it? 

FreedomFi Gateway is guaranteed to ship within 14 days following the completion of the order.

 Back in April you indicated the price for the gateway will be around $500; why is it $999? 

Due to the global semiconductor shortage our cost of parts has doubled since the beginning of the year. We were faced with the problem of either significantly delaying delivery into the next year or paying extra to all the suppliers to get the gateways built ASAP. We chose the latter.

Why is my FreedomFi Order being processed by CalChip?  

At FreedomFi we want to stay 100% focused on solving technology problems required to make Helium 5G a reality. We are not good at stocking and shipping thousands of boxes and managing warehouse personnel. For that reason, we’ve partnered with CalChip Connect to help us process and fulfill the orders.

While the charge on your credit card and the shipment origin address may come from CalChip, we, at FreedomFi, will stand behind every order and will remain responsible for timely shipment and support.

Can I install/run other software on the FreedomFi Gateway?  

Attempts to modify, tamper with, or replace any software on the FreedomFi Gateway voids the warranty. FreedomFi will not be able to resolve any problems arising from such activities.

How can I add a 5G radio or Wi-Fi Access Point later?

We are currently working with a number of cellular radio manufacturers on certifying their products to be plug-and-play compatible with FreedomFi Gateways. The first indoor CBRS radio is available as part of the cellular bundle. We expect a variety of additional models (including outdoor versions) to become available over the next 12 months. You can subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on various radio models as they become available.

 Can I use this device outside of the US?

No. FreedomFi Gateways are certified to work only in the US. We expect to start producing models for other countries once we introduce compatibility with Wi-Fi Access Points in Q1 2022.

 Do I need an ethernet cable to connect FreedomFi Gateway to the Internet or can it use Wi-Fi? 

The only way to connect FreedomFi Gateway to the Internet is by plugging in an ethernet cable to the WAN port of the FreedomFi Gateway. Unlike some other Helium hotspots, FreedomFi Gateways do not come with Wi-Fi built-in. We’ll add the capability to extend FreedomFi Gateways with a certified external Wi-Fi dongle, pluggable into a USB port, towards the end of 2021. This will be a software update and will not require buying a new gateway.

 If I put it next to another Helium miner, will it take away from my mining rewards? 

Yes. HIP 17 rules  apply to FreedomFi Gateways the same way they do to any other Helium Hotspot. If you place multiple hotspots within 300 feets of each other, it will negatively affect your mining rewards.

 Can I buy more than one per reservation ID? 

No. Our priority is to make sure that everybody with a reservation ID will get one FreedomFi Gateway as soon as possible and due to limited supply we are only able to provide one FreedomFi Gateway per reservation. If you are interested in getting more than one, we encourage you to sign up for a waiting list on the CalChip website which will have additional stock available.

What is the return policy? 

You will have 14 calendar days from the moment FreedomFi Gateway has been received to return the device, provided the device hasn’t been opened and onboarded to the Helium blockchain. To be eligible for a return your FreedomFi Gateway must be in the same condition you received it and could not have been previously used.

If the device arrives defective or damaged, you have the right to request a refund or a replacement.

 What happens if my unit is lost? 

We will work the shipper to validate the loss and provide options for replacement/refund. The lost units will be deactivated.

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Terms & Conditions of Purchase

  • I agree to the terms and conditions of the sale, including the no returns policy for FreedomFi Gateways after onboarding to the Helium blockchain.
  • I have read all the FAQs related to the purchase of FreedomFi Gateway and/or Plug-and-Play Small Cells and understand all the limitations, including the following
  • Only compatible phones with a sim card from Helium network offload with partners (like GigSky) will be able to connect to the Helium CBRS network; this does not yet include AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon phone
  • FreedomFi Gateway will note mine more HNT than a regular Helium hotspot until expanded with a certified CBRS antenna or Wi-Fi Access Point.
  • FreedomFi Gateway does not have a Wi-Fi built-in and must be connected to the internet using a standard ethernet cable (not included).
  • A restocking fee of 15% will be assessed for returns on all FreedomFi devices
  • If you choose to return unopened FreedomFi equipment to CalChip for an eligible refund, the cost of return shipping and shipping insurance will be deducted from the eligible return amount, in addition to applicable restocking fees.

Do you have a reservation number?

If you have a reservation number, it can be used for a few different things:

  • If your reservation is active, valid, and hasn't been used to redeem a FreedomFi Gateway yet, you are eligible for receiving $100 off the purchase of one FreedomFi LoRaWAN® & 5G-Ready Miner.

How to apply discount:

  • For the gateway discount, take your reservation number and add "GW-" to the beginning of the numerical portion of your reservation ID and enter this as the discount code at checkout.

Example: If your reservation number is "REF-123456789", you would enter the discount code "GW-123456789" at checkout to receive $100 off the purchase of one FreedomFi LoRaWAN® & 5G-Ready Miner.

If you have any questions or trouble redeeming your discount, please submit this ticket form