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Helium 5G Network Wi-Fi Access Point Bundle
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The Helium Network Wi-Fi Access Point Bundle comes with everything you need to take the Helium CBRS Cellular Network that your FreedomFi Small Cell creates, and transform it into Wi-Fi to be used on all devices that are Wi-Fi compatible. Simply insert a FreedomFi SIM Card into the MultiTech MultiConnect® CBRS W-Fi AP and away you go.

*Currently only available in the United States. Being within range of either a FreedomFi Indoor CBRS Small Cell or FreedomFi Outdoor CBRS Small Cell is required for this solution to have connectivity.

Kit Includes

  • 1 X MultiTech MultiConnect® CBRS Wi-Fi Access Point for CBRS Cellular Networks
  • 1 X FreedomFi SIM Card with 6 Months of Data Access

About the MultiTech MultiConnect® CBRS Wi-Fi AP

The award-winning MultiTech CBRS Wi-Fi AP is FCC-Authorized as a CBRS End Device (EUD), meaning no costly SAS fees per month to connect. Enabling low cost one-to-many connectivity for anyone using Chromebooks, notebooks, desktops, barcode readers, and other Wi-Fi enabled smart devices. 

This end-user device for use on The Helium CBRS Cellular Networks provides secure, reliable, high-performance LTE broadband coverage to students in their homes and in public places. This newest addition to the award-winning MultiTech portfolio of FCC-authorized CBRS solutions can be remotely provisioned and managed at scale using an auto configuration server (ACS) or DeviceHQ®, a cloud-based tool set featuring secure configuration, over-the-air updates, operational performance metrics and CBRS connection management.

About the FreedomFi SIM

Use FreedomFi to access data wirelessly on your devices. The FreedomFi SIM Card is a physical SIM card with 6 months of bundled data access starting on the date of activation. (FreedomFi customers will receive options to migrate to new SIM cards or extend before reaching expiration.)

During the beta period, these SIM cards are for small cell customers to connect to their local networks. They can only be used to access data served by FreedomFi Gateways with active CBRS small cells. Access to your own infrastructure is always free and unlimited. Access to third party hotspots will be limited and metered, eventually requiring data plan top-ups.

MultiConnect® Key Benefits

  • Simple, flexible installation options
  • Easy set up
  • Scalable commissioning and configuration
  • Remote device management
  • Secure, unique wireless credentials
  • No spectrum access fees required

MultiConnect® Key Features

  • 4G-LTE Cat 12, TDD bands 42, 43 & 48 with external antennas
  • Two-year warranty, upgradeable to five years

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