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A Quick and Affordable Solution for the Front Line of Safety

With emerging safety mandates, like Alyssa's Law, schools find themselves in need of emergency assist buttons that can initiate a lockdown and notify first responders. If an emergency occurs, all they have to do is press a button: An emergency alert will be triggered, the safety team is immediately notified, and emergency response initiates.

IoT help buttons can be used in a variety of situations to greatly improve safety:

  • Easy to press for fast response.
  • Installed easily as a help button in any classroom, safety hot spot, or area where mobile devices aren’t permitted.
  • Can be assigned to substitute teachers, auxiliary workers, or 
    volunteers (Backup help button for staff who aren't tech-savvy).

Maximize Reliability and Performance with LoRaWAN® Technology 

CrisisGo's IoT safety solution is based on LoRaWAN wireless technology, which allows schools and organizations to implement help buttons that do not rely on or bog down your wifi. This easy to set up system provides several advantages for safety:

  • Reliable signal strength, penetration, and range. 
  • CrisisGo provide tools to make sure when a gateway is set up that they can confirm connectivity before installation. 
  • No strain on wifi network, as all devices connect to the LoRaWAN gateways. 
  • Increased battery life for buttons, as they are not constantly draining battery by searching and connecting for wifi. 
  • Easy setup and minimal monitoring/maintenance required.

Case Studies

CrisisGo Case Study: AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN® - Enhance your school safety with Safety OneClick

Alyssa's Law

Alyssa's Law stipulates that "public and secondary schools will be equipped with panic alarms or emergency mechanisms." Panic alarm means a silent security system signal generated by the manual activation of a device intended to signal a life-threatening or emergency situation requiring a response from law enforcement. Specifications include:

  • The alarm shall be directly linked to local law enforcement authorities—In the case of a school building located in a municipality in which there is no municipal police department, a location designated by the Superintendent of State Police.
  • Alarm shall immediately transmit a signal or message to such authorities upon activation.
  • The alarm shall not be audible within the school building.

How Does CrisisGo Apply to Alyssa's Law?

  • CrisisGo platform includes alerts and notifications that notify safety teams and escalate to local law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and first responders in an instant.
  • Intuitive interface allows for rapid action, instant notification to local authorities, and 911 calls made automatically from the app.
  • Bring your entire safety team together into a single message group so that text, audio, video, files, etc can be easily shared and accessed during and after an event.
  • Advance location information, panic type, and details of the panic can be easily transmitted to 911 centers (PSAP) within the United States.
  • Native support with devices like Kyocera, Sonim, Siyata, and Promethean as well as SOS buttons.
  • For public locations or if you cannot install the CrisisGo app, our platform is compatible with various hardware-based "panic" buttons that connect via WiFi, LTE, or LoRa®.

Laird RG1xx Gateway Key Features

  • Full onboard Linux OS, configurable via web GUI
  • Now supports TR-069 remote management!
  • Support added for the new Semtech Basics Station forwarder in addition to updated ChirpStack as well as Senet packet forwarders

Radio Bridge Push Button Key Features

  • Based on LoRaWAN wireless technology
  • Very long range up to several miles
  • Excellent wireless penetration through structures such as walls and floors
  • Enclosure tamper detection
  • Automatic error reporting through supervisory messages
  • Over the air configuration 

Technical Documentation

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