SKU: SEN-000192-915-VIR


Using advanced Time-of-Flight technology, Terabee People Counting L-XL is GDPR compliant and provides accurate people counting data (98% accuracy or more) by monitoring the number of people entering and exiting doorways or corridors. Our people counting algorithm is capable of filtering out objects and counting multiple people passing in both directions below the device as they enter or leave a space.

Key Features

  • GDPR compliant by design
  • Features 3D depth people counting sensor
  • Multi-device support for wide door counting
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Easy to install and configure via Web GUI
  • Effective in low light conditions
  • Dimensions: Ø 130.0 mm x 36.2 mm
  • HS code: 90314990
  • ECCN: 5A992c

Technical Documentation

Download Datasheet
How to Configure Terabee People Counting L-XL Devices
Installation Guide for Integrators
Guidelines for Successful Installation
Terabee People Counting L-XL Sensor