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Our Food Service Solutions

IoT serves up safety, control, and efficiency

Every aspect of food service – from cold chain monitoring to hot food temperature control – requires constant vigilance. CalChip Connect provides the latest IoT solutions for food safety, facility monitoring, and customer satisfaction.

We connect the IoT dots to provide:

  • Cold chain monitoring to protect customers, safeguard food supplies, and assure provisions are kept within specified temperature parameters throughout the entire cold chain
  • Asset tracking to help prevent theft while monitoring valuables
  • Occupancy monitoring that produces real-time head counts and a clear picture of where customers and are and where they shouldn’t be
  • Environmental monitoring including temperature, humidity, and water leaks to provide constant feedback in every corner of your facility
  • Facility access monitoring to keep you informed of customer and staff coming and going
  • Help buttons that provide a fast, immediate, and reliable way for customers and staff to contact your facility so that you can properly respond to any situation
  • Predictive maintenance monitoring to assure all service intervals are met from HVAC to restaurant equipment to inspections
  • Hot food temperature control solutions that monitor and record temperatures to meet Board of Health requirements
  • Inventory level monitoring solutions that track what’s in stock, what’s in need, and what’s missing
  • Pest control with smart monitoring traps that stop rodents in their tracks
  • Waste management solutions
  • Peace-of-mindPeace-of-mind with real-time status and alerts through mobile and desktop applications

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