SKU: SEN-000005-915
MPN: TBHV 110-915 Vente !
3861 6000


The Tabs Healthy Home Détecteur utilise LoRaWAN connectivity to send the temperature, relative humidity and volatile organic compound data from the surrounding environment. Easy to install, this small capteur will détermine if the air quality, temperature, and humidity thresholds are ideal.

*This capteur is not compatible with the Helium Tabs app *

Clé Features

  • This device is US frequency (915 MhZ)
  • EU frequency (868 MhZ) will be available in Q3 2021
  • LoRaWAN 1.0.3
  • IAQ du capteur IAQ (Bosch BME680)
  • IP40 equivalent
  • 0 to 50 °C operation température range

Technical Documentation

Registering Browan Sensors to Your Network
Download Datasheet
Download Reference Manual

Browan Healthy Home Sensor-915 MhZ
3861 6000