SKU: ANC-000076-000
MPN: RAK-064-3957A


This 64GB SD card is pre-flashed with firmware for RAK Hotspot V1.5 and RAK Hotspot V2 Hotspots. 

The SD card is ready to use with flashed firmware. No additional steps are required.

NOTE: This replacement SD card SHOULD ONLY BE USED FOR RAK V1.5 or V2 Hotspots (shipped from 2021 onwards). For RAK V1 hotspots (devices shipped in 2020), identity information is stored on the SD card and that must be restored from your backup.

Hardware Specifications

  • Type: MicroSD card
  • Model: SanDisk Edge
  • Capacity: 64GB
  • Firmware version on the card: 2022_03_15_0
64GB SD Card Upgrade For RAK Hotspot Miners