SKU: ANC-000023-000
MPN: Outdoor Enclosure for gateway (compatible with hotspot miner)


Order now for shipments starting Summer, 2021.


The Kit includes all necessary parts to make your WisGate Developer Gateway or RAK Hotspot Miner Outdoor.

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Kit Includes

  • Requires external antenna sold separately
  • Outdoor Enclosure Kit
  • PoE splitter Type-C USB (in 48 V; out 5 V/2.4 A)
  • PoE injector (in 100-240 V; out 48 V/0.5 A)
  • Power cord for the PoE Injector
  • Zip tie, deckt PVC zu, decken Sie and waterproof zu
  • Antenna Kabel type RG316, with N-Type to Dunkelbrauner RP-SMA male connectors for Antenna
  • Antenna Kabel type RG316, with N-Type to SMA male connectors for GPS antenna
  • GPS Antenna with mounting brackets

                          Technical Documentation

                          Download Overview and Assembly Instructions

                          RAK Outdoor Enclosure for RAK Hotspot Miner (Requires External Antenna)