About Mimiq

Mimiq is a Silicon Valley company that crafts innovative, always connected, devices that deliver improved safety and security-on-the-go for consumers and their gear such as backpacks, bicycles, sports equipment and more.
Mimiq’s devices detect unwanted shifting of your gear, uninvited presence in your surroundings or unexpected movement of your bicycle or other vehicles. And notifies you instantly via the available Mimiq App on your mobile phone. The product line consists of the delightfully engineered, sensor laden, intelligent Mimiq GO and its companion, the groundbreaking Mimiq Track.
Headquartered in San Francisco, Mimiq has subsidiaries in Turkey and Canada and is building distribution partnerships globally. Mimiq had its founding investments from key Amazon, Apple and Google alumni and executives as well as strategic investments from IoT network providers and security companies.
Mimiq is building the future of security on the go, with its: groundbreaking hardware, software intelligence, and low-cost always-on network coverage.

Keep it Safe with Mimiq GO

Mimiq GO emphasizes detection of movement - such as a backpack being moved or a door being opened or someone walking into your home office when you are away - and not only alerts the owner, but can optionally sound a compact yet loud, 120dB alarm with deterrence in mind.

No Subscriptions Required

While Mimiq plans to offer various premium services around their products, the devices require no data plans or sim cards nor is there a need for any recurring subscription. The company uses highly specialized IoT network partners in the US, and soon worldwide, to deliver 'always on' network connectivity for their devices.

Privacy & Safety First

With nearly two years of innovations under their belt, the founding team has built a nuanced understanding of how consumers define safe and aware. The devices do not use any microphones or cameras and are designed from the ground up to put safety and privacy first.