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HowsMyStore has more than 20 years of experience in the IoT space.

The HMS smart facility solutions offer you the ability to proactively monitor critical facility data. Then you get real-time facility status and alerts—and so do other key personnel at your place of business—through our mobile and desktop applications.

But here’s the best part. The system uses the latest wireless technology and can be self-installed with battery-operated sensors that last 3-4 years and are easily replaceable.

Think of it as the smart home concept specifically created for your business.

Providing Accurate Information

With The Real-Time Data You Need

Everyone wants facilities that can guarantee security and environmental conditions free from problems.

The vast majority of business establishments today have no automated remote monitoring capability and they rely on the local staff to detect problems. Unfortunately, in most cases, the problem doesn’t get detected until after the damage is done.

Water leaks, humidity, mold and theft all lead to unforeseen problems, insurance claims, and worse of all, lawsuits. HowsMyStore provides a comprehensive smart technology platform to get real-time data to the people who need it.

Get Up and Running in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1

Install gateway

Plug your gateway into your existing router and place in a central location such as an office, storeroom or rooftop.

Step 2

Activate sensors

Sync the sensors to your gateway by scanning the QR code on the back of them using our smartphone app.

Step 3

Install sensors

Strategically place and install as many sensors as needed around your facility and in individual storage units.

Step 4

Monitor facility

Monitor your facility via our smartphone app and desktop dashboard. Receive text and email alerts.

Step 5

Gain insights

View extensive data over time to help you be proactive and make key facility management decisions.


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The Smart Solution for Facility Monitoring

We Have a Solution for Every Facility Monitoring Need

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Region & Frequency: US Only - 915 MHz

Looking to avoid expensive repairs by knowing about a water leak before damage occurs? This HMS Water Leak Sensor utilizes LoRaWAN® connectivity and will send a personalized notification as soon as a water leak has been detected.

  • This device is US frequency (915 MHz)

  • LoRaWAN 1.0.3

  • Combined with temperature, humidity, and water leak detection functions to avoid expensive repairs and loss

  • Micro USB Port for detachable probe

  • 0 to 50°C operation temperature range

  • Includes 1 gateway, 3 water leak sensors, and 1 year HMS service

With All the Alerts, Reports and Analytics to Keep You Informed 

Full PC Dashboard

You get a customized dashboard with the current status and history of each sensor in the facility.

Phone App and Text Alets

Get text and email alerts customized for each sensor at your self-storage facility. Add your own rules to optimize alerts.

Phone App Dashboard

Access your facility, storage unit or sensor dashboard from your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports

Configure and schedule summary reports for daily, weekly or monthly delivery in standard PDF format. These reports will help determine the validity of temperature and humidity complaints.

Facility Sensor Map

Visualize sensor locations and alert status within facilities with the exclusive HowsMyStore Sensor map. Immediately know where the problem is within the facility.

Data Analytics to Increase Profits

Receive optional proactive recommendations to improve operational efficiency. Gain insights into staffing, customer traffic patterns and HVAC efficiency. Save with potential insurance discounts.

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