About CareBand

CareBand is location-based health and safety solutions company backed with 30+ years of expertise in low power wireless embedded technologies, cybersecurity, and healthcare. The company was established in 2016 on a mission to help older adults living with dementia stay safe while providing peace of mind to families.

In 2017, the CareBand 1 wearable (CB1) was the world's first production wearable to combine LoRaWAN®, BLE, and GPS tracking technology. Today, CareBand wearables have expanded to include sensor fusion, edge computing with TinyML, and wireless charging.

Beyond the wearable, the CareBand platform provides indoor & outdoor location tracking, gesture & fall detection, and behavior monitoring. The company has also been awarded three government-funded research projects through the National Institutes of Health and been granted four patents for the US and EU.

CareBand provides a powerful end-to-end solution to keep people safe and healthy. Beyond supporting older adults, the solution has been adapted for hospitals, manufacturers, construction sites, and hospitality.

CareBand's Portfolio

CareBand Series Wearables are patent-pending LoRaWAN® compliant devices that all include BLE, wireless charging, on-body sensing, an accelerometer, front & back facing LEDs, and vibration feedback. Devices are supported globally for deployment in North America, Europe, and Asia. Designed for low-power people tracking applications in healthcare and hospitality environments.

The wearables work seamlessly with CareBand's Portal. The devices are also equipped with different battery capabilities depending on the application and customer- requirements.




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