SKU: SEN-000134-915-VIR
MPN: Asys-1xOUT-W/RotIQ


Rotary IQ provides intelligent analysis, real-time and historic data, for much better control over equipment efficiency, availability, effectiveness, and more by measuring all relevant aspects conducing to trouble on rotating equipment and motors such as vibrations and ultrasounds on a wide range of frequencies, 3-axial moviement speed and acceleration, temperature and humidity. Adding power+ option, allows also to control all related electrical signals such as V,A, Kwh, Kvar, Reactive, Active, and more. RotaryIQ enables plant managers to aggregate multiple sites, machines, and sensors. Our visualization tools provide a birds eye overview of isssues and problems or parameters out of normal. Alarms and events will promptly notif you of such issues. 

Asystom Sentinel Outdoor, is intended specifically to be able to work in harsh environments and in extreme conditions (dust and severe weather in particular).

  • Its integrated vibration and ultrasound sensors allow it to efficiently and accurately detect all kinds of equipment drifts.
  • Its computational capacity enables powerful and reliable analysis.
  • Its miniaturized remote probe allows installation even on a small area, for more precise monitoring.

This device has an extended battery life of over 10 years, using 4 standard AA batteries.

    Key Features

    • Easy installation, no wiring or configuration required
    • No need to recharge for months
    • Cloud-based or in-premise integrations supported
    • Unlimited storage space and time
    • Certified Ex design even in hazardous situations (ATEX)
    • Connected to a scalable environment
    • Data accuracy - above industry average
    • Devices with embedded machine learning - Predict on site

    Technical Documentation

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