SKU:  SEN-000022-915
MPN:  RAK 7200 Tracker
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The RAK7200 is a LPWAN Tracker device with a 3.7V rechargeable Li-Ion battery and a GPS modem. It is built around a low-power LoRa®module, which integrates the ultra-low-power STM32L073 micro-controller, the SX1276 LoRa® long-range modem, and the CXD5603GF GPS modem.

The device can be used as a quick prototyping tool for LoRaWAN® application development. It is suited for IoT applications such as asset tracking, smart vehicle management, and location-based services.


  • Supports sleep mode, low power consumption.
  • Built-in digital output motion sensor LIS3DH, which has dynamic user selectable full scales of ±2g/±4g/±8g/±18g and it is capable of measuring accelerations with output data rates from 1Hz to 5kHz.
  • Built-in nano pressure sensor LPS22HB which functions as a digital output barometer.
  • Built-in a 9-axis sensor which include the triple-axis gyroscope and the triple-axis accelerometer and the triple-axis magnetometer.
  • Supports latest LoRaWAN 1.0.2 protocol stack and supports Activation by Personalization (ABP) or Over the Air Activation (OTAA) working mode.
  • On-board Antennas for LoRa modem and GPS.
  • Supports Micro USB or built-in battery for power supply.
  • Supports global license-free frequency band: EU868, US915, AS923, AU915, KR920 and IN865.


RAK7200 LoRaWAN Tracker 915