SKU: SEN-000149-915


LW002-TH for measuring indoor and outdoor environment, and it is easily deployed and configured. It adopts dedicated digital module acquisition technology and temperature and humidity sensing technology to ensure high reliability and long-term stability of products.

10 years but depends on sample interval, transmit interval, data rate and environmental factors. LW002-TH could be applied to any type of environment, and ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as Intelligent agriculture, urban monitoring, air quality, industrial, environmental or farming projects.
Key Features
  • Max 5 years longevity under typical scenario
  • Could be applied to any type of environment
  • Firmware update Over The Air (OTA)
  • Ultra-Long-Range signal transmission
  • Trigger an alarm if exceeded threshold> Measurement interval could be configurable
  • Support temperature and humidity sensor detection
  • Support CN470MHZ/EU868MHZ/ AU915MHZ/US915MHZ/AS923MHZ
  • Support for configuring ABP and OTAA modes with MokoLora APP
  • Supports external temperature and humidity probe(SHT30 probe, SHT30 Waterproof probe, PT100 Waterproof probe)

Technical Documentation

Download Datasheet
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MOKOSmart LoRaWAN® Temperature & Humidity Sensor