SKU: SEN-000148-915


LW005-MP is a LoRaWAN® smart plug with power and energy monitoring, the measuring accuracy can reach ±0.5%. The plug can connect to your server through LoRaWAN® gateway and LoRaWAN® network, so as to realize smart control, power and energy monitoring and other functions. It is mainly used for intelligent electrical control, industrial equipment monitoring, power monitoring, and energy management, etc.
Key Features
  • Supports 100V-240V, 50/60Hz voltage input
  • Multiple protection mechanism
  • Remote control
  • Load detection
  • Timer Switch
  • Power Consumption track
  • Instantaneous current, instantaneous voltage, instantaneous power reporting > ±0.5 power measuring accuracy
  • Multicolor LED indicates Load Power
  • PC+ABS Flame-Retardant Material
  • Childproof Design
  • Unit-by-unit power metering calibration
  • Firmware update Over The Air(OTA)
  • 2* LED indicates device status and network status separately
  • All parameters can be modified via APP by using bluetooth

Technical Documentation

Download Datasheet
Download APP Configuration Guide
Download Additional Technical Documentation
MOKO LoRaWAN® Smart Plug