SKU: GTW-100029-915


The KONA Macro IoT Gateway is an ideal solution for enterprises and operators that require a full-featured outdoor gateway, but that doesn’t require the massive scalability offered by the Mega system.

It is designed to be very compact and lightweight and is targeted at outdoor installations which dictate a small form factor and low power consumption. To minimize cost and installation complexity the gateway is designed with internal antennas for the 3G/4G modem and for the GPS receiver.

Like all TEKTELIC gateways, the KONA Macro gateway is available for deployment in most of the global ISM bands.

Key Features

  • Choose between Cellular or Ethernet Backhaul
  • Choose between NA915 or EU868 ISM Bands
  • Frequency Duplex 16 Rx / 2 Tx (NA)
  • Time Duplex 16 Rx / 2 Tx (Int.)
  • Integrated Bandpass Filter
  • Integrated GPS and 3G/4G Antenna
  • Precise Network Synchronization (GPS)
  • 27 dBm Tx Power
  • Hardened Carrier Grade Enclosure
  • Versatile Mounting Options
Technical Documentation

Qualified for AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN® - TEKTELIC KONA Macro IoT Gateway