About Intercomp

Intercomp SpA is an Italian company established in 1983 and specialized in solutions for digital signage and industrial automation.
In 2002 Intercomp started its journey in the Smart Parking sector with the opening of a dedicated division that brought to developed a complete Smart Parking Systems.
After almost 20 years of experience and more than 12.000 sensors installed, Intercomp continues the development of the Smart parking Systems to adapt it to the requests of the modern urban mobility strategies.

Intercomp Portfolio

Smart Parking Systems® is the solution for a superb parking management. It is a complete and integrated solution of hardware and software designed to ensure efficient management of all activities and all problems that may occur in the on-street:
• Parking conduction
• Free parking search
• Parking payment
• Parking detection
• Control over the revenues
• Installations maintenance
• Mobility policy planning
• Additional information to users
A qualified parking management allows municipalities to realize sustainable mobility projects in Smart Cities.
Composition of the system:
SENSOR: the tool that provides real-time information about the status of free or occupied parking bays using the Lora Wan communication protocol.
MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (POLIS): It processes the data received and makes them immediately available, via Internet, on different terminals (PC, notebook, smartphone, tablet, handheld) for stakeholders' use and consultation: municipalities,managers, assessors, council members.
4PARK MOBILE APP: allows users to manage payments and virtualized authorization for parking. It shows the real time availability of parking spaces on the city map and drives the user to the selected street for parking the vehicle.