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Trackpac builds tracking technology to help customers track assets and make better decisions.

What will trackpac do for you?

Trackpac will give you a mobile app (Android or Apple) that will enable you to visually follow any asset to which the tracker is attached. You will have push notifications, battery alerts and geofence capabilities letting you know if your assets are moving or stationary. All of this at a very low, unbeatably low, cost. Put Helium/Trackpac to the test! Enjoy a free month on us to find your feet.  

Trackpac Solutions
What problem does Trackpac solves?
Firstly, Helium/Trackpac is unbeatably inexpensive; other tracking technologies using 4G and telephone networks are at least 10 times more expensive than Trackpac. 
Secondly, Trackpac technology could not be easier to use; the QR code is simply scanned by a smart phone. Where the tracker goes the smart phone can follow and see on the app. This is a seamless customer experience. With Trackpac there is no coding. With Trackpac there are no 4G blind spots. With Trackpac there is no hardware keying to register the paired device or the specific data packages. Seamless connectivity rapidly expanding. 
What is the cost of doing business and how is Trackpac different?
The cost to anyone who now elects not to use Helium/Trackpac is that they will miss out on the fastest-growing network in comms history. While Trackpac is not suitable for the transmission of voice or image, it is purpose-built for the pick-up and transmission of the vast quantities of data that will animate the Internet of Things. It has long been possible to bar-code a grain of rice, but why would you want to? Now it is possible to QR every pallet, every vehicle, every fridge door opening, every imaginable asset or thing you might want to measure and manage - saving time and money. 
Bailey & Jones + Trackpac on the Helium Network

Why Trackpac?

Trackpac has been very deep within the Helium community from inception. They are official Helium partners and have a long term vision about tracking and many other sensors they will introduce to our product lines over time. They care passionately about the success of the Helium network, it will do profound things for humanity - connection makes us human. Asset tracking done well can help many people and businesses solve challenging and costly problems. Peace of mind is important to us with Trackpac you have it. Trackpac - Always there for you. 

Powerful solutions.

Simple pricing.



$40 /year

per device

Make Trackpac work for you

Have a personal assistant at your fingertips.

Getting started is easy

It couldn’t be simpler to use. Simply scan the QR code with a smartphone and start your seamless tracking journey.

About Trackpac

Trackpac is a system, using the low-frequency radio network Helium, for tracking in real-time the whereabouts of any asset, item, pet or person (for example, a relative with dementia) who is carrying a Trackpac tracker. Trackpac has been developed in the UK to transmit data through the Helium network. Today, Helium is the largest ubiquitous wireless network in the world, providing the coverage to allow seamless connectivity globally. 

The founding team behind Trackpac (Neil and Rob) are seasoned professionals, engineers and practiced network-builders of standing within the Helium community. They have learned and commercialized the potential that Helium offers to apply blockchain technology to wireless connectivity. It’s what is coming next and it’s going to be big.