The MultiConnect® rCell 600 Series Cellular Router is optimized for secure M2M (machine-to-machine)/Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The robust Ethernet or serial network interface platform is ready to deploy. The intuitive user interface and free cloud device management (no recurrent monthly fees) allow for quick configuration and over-the-air upgrades. The MultiConnect rCell 600 Series is an easy to configure LTE broadband wireless and Ethernet router, boasting up to 128 concurrent Wi-Fi® connections, configurable serial portable to control IT assets and communicate with industrial appliances. Plus, the bundled antennas, power supply, and Ethernet cable make installation a snap. Best of all, it's cost-optimized to give you exactly what you need with minimal complexity in a rugged chassis suitable for even extreme environments.
The MultiConnect® rCell 600 Series cellular router is available for use on Private LTE OnGo CBRS networks. This new model has several unique features in comparison to other MultiConnect rCell models and MultiTech modems, bridges, and gateways.
  • Simple, low-cost connectivity solution for dedicated private networks, neutral host networks, and fixed wireless networks
  • FCC Part 15 and Part 96 authorized end-user device for band 48 and OnGo CBRS Networks
  • Approved interoperability with CBRS base stations and access points
Key Features
  • Cloud-based device management platform for Over-The-Air network diagnostics and configuration at no extra cost
  • The lowest total cost of ownership
  • FCC-Authorized End-User Device
  • 4G-LTE Category 12
  • Dual SIM with failover function (Mini-SIM 2FF)
  • 4 Ethernet LAN ports
  • RS232/RS485 interface for Modbus RTU serial comms
  • Multi-mode data logging and storage for SCADA telemetry
  • Ruggedized chassis
  • Remotely-hosted device management platform to come

Technical Documentation

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