CalChip Connect



Vertical Market Solutions

Our market-specific IoT solutions solve vexing problems, turbocharge connectivity, and increase capabilities. Find your technology and competitive edge here.


Agricultural enterprises and grow facilities require absolute control and consistency to keep crops growing. CalChip Connect IoT solutions to assure optimal yields - outdoors and indoors.


The two most important things on any job site are tools and the people who use them. CalChip Connect can build IoT safety and security solutions that monitor, track, and protect both.

Digital Communications

Today's information-dependent businesses benefit from the digital signage, livestreams, and real-time alerts and notifications that CalChip Connect's IoT digital communications solutions offer.


From pre-school through college and beyond, student safety is critical. CalChip Connect provides emergency and crisis management response solutions to help enforce security protocols in every corner of your campus.

Food Service

Every aspect of food service – from cold chain monitoring to hot food temperature control – requires constant vigilance. CalChip Connect provides the latest IoT solutions for food safety, facility monitoring, and customer satisfaction.


The power of IoT brings new safety, security, and control to hospitals, nursing homes, and urgent care centers. CalChip Connect helps you go beyond monitoring for effective management, transparency, and optimization.

Hospitality & Tourism

For hotels, motels, resorts, and cruise ships, monitoring every aspect of the property is imperative. CalChip Connect provides leading-edge solutions for safety, risk management, cost efficiency, and most of all, guest satisfaction.


Manufacturers large and small are discovering the benefits of IoT to optimize equipment and enhance worker safety. CalChip Connect can create the solutions you need to keep both running at peak performance.

Medical Cold Chain

CalChip Connect’s IoT solutions for cold chain management provide complete monitoring of vaccines and other temperature-depended pharmaceuticals to ensure supplies are kept within specified temperature parameters throughout the entire cold chain.

Self-Storage, RV & Boat Marinas

Customers pay monthly fees to put their stuff in self-storage and to store their expensive RVs and boats. In return, they expect security and environmental conditions free from problems. CalChip Connect has smart solutions that proactively monitor critical facility data every second of every day.

Smart Building & Facilities

Smart buildings and facilities, powered by battery-operated sensors and easy-to-use software, bring efficiency, control, risk mitigation, and ROI to every floor.

Smart Cities

Welcome to the smart city. Where IoT technology is revolutionizing efficiency, cost management, risk mitigation, and cost-savings – with powerful gateways, sensors, and software that give you total visibility and control.

Smart Homes

CalChip Connect’s smart home solutions proactively monitor critical data every second of every day to keep you informed with powerful, battery-operated sensors and robust software.

Sports & Entertainment Venues

Amusement parks, convention centers, sports stadiums, concert halls, and gaming venues have one thing in common – they need to monitor every aspect of their operations. CalChip Connect provides leading-edge solutions for safety, risk management, cost efficiency, and most of all, guest satisfaction.

Transportation & Logistics

Planes, trains, trucks, ships, and shipping containers are expensive assets that contain valuable merchandise. Everything needs to be tracked, monitored, and managed in real-time. CalChip Connect brings new meaning to IoT with solutions that keep you on the move.