Welcome to the Solutions Business Team. Your Source for Non-Helium Related Business Inquiries.


Our Solutions Business Team is responsible for connecting businesses to their objectives as it relates to IoT deployments through our comprehensive Solutions Pilot Program.

There are many obstacles and challenges in bringing new products and solutions into the market or incorporating them into your current business practices. That's why we're here to help! No matter where you are in your IoT journey, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you take it to the next level.

How the Solutions Pilot Program Works

What You Get
  • Our Solutions Business Team will setup a discovery call to discuss your project no matter what stage of planning or execution you are at
  • A technical discussion call will follow to fully vet out your project and discuss the best path to execute
  • Through R&D we will identify the best hardware options for your goals
      • This includes gateways, sensors, and any other connected devices needed
  • We will discuss and recommend the connectivity needed for your solution
  • We will help select the best application partners for your web dashboard and mobile app
What it Costs
  • The program fee is $10,000
      • $5,000 at project kick-off
      • $5,000 due before the shipping of deliverables

The best part is that the program fee will be used towards the purchase of the devices needed for your solution! We take the $10,000 program fee and deduct any cost of goods sold, as far as hardware and software used in the proof-of-concept, and then give the remainder back to you as a credit towards devices.

Whether it's using IoT to develop new business practices to drive efficiency and success, or a new solution you want to bring to market, let us help connect your ideas into a reality.

Please fill out the form to let us know how we can help you, and someone from our Solutions Business Team will be in contact shortly. **The filling out of this form does not make you responsible for any program fee. This is simply used to state your interest and to setup a discovery call to see if we would be a good fit.**

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