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Helium Ecosystem

We’ve come together to expand The People’s Network at an affordable price

Helium, the company behind the peer-to-peer wireless network – The People’s Network – has teamed up with CalChip Connect to bring you third-party gateways (miners) and solutions on the Helium Network.

Earn cryptocurrency for providing 5G cellular coverage

FreedomFi is a 5G small cell platform provider. We help open-source cellular network operators build and run their networks.

Making Internet of Things into families for a better life quality.

With the Plug & Play long-range, high sensitivity hotspot gateway, you'll get powerful networking capabilities without the stress.

A best in class full hotspot for the Helium Network

Seamlessly mounts right on your window for enhanced coverage and improved performance with fast sync.

Kerlink Wirnet iSeries LoRaWAN® Gateways

Kerlink, together with Helium, are enabling the next generation of blockchain IoT solutions - decentralized, unstoppable, robust and secure.

Protect your love ones and valuables with Invoxia LongFi™ GPS Tracker

Designed for protecting against theft and loss with 24/7 monitoring from the Invoxia GPS app that lets you track anytime, anywhere.

Helium Mining Calculator - Estimate HNT Mining Income

Helium mining rewards are calculated by HotspotRF using RF simulations, making it the only tool on the market that gives the most accurate results.

Why Helium?

With Helium’s own open-source blockchain technology, anyone can deploy Hotspots to provide hundreds of square miles of wireless coverage — more easily, efficiently and cost-effectively – while simultaneously mining HNT, a new cryptocurrency as an incentive for building the network.

CalChip Connect and Helium Network

CalChip Connect is pleased to offer you the ability to purchase helium compatible gateways and solutions. Explore all of our product offerings compatible with the Helium Network!


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