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freedomfi outdoor bundle

featuring the baicells nova430H Plug-and-Play Outdoor Cellular Base Station Compatible with the FreedomFi Gateway

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Helium Network Kit

How It Works

Baicells has partnered with FreedomFi and CalChip Connect to deliver a plug-and-play cellular base station, delivered with a FreedomFi gateway, so you can provide long-range outdoor coverage for your Helium network. Simply install the Outdoor Small Cell on top of a rooftop or other tall structure, plug it into your FreedomFi gateway, and begin mining HNT.

BAICELLS NOVA430H Pre-Provsioned with FreedomFi Firmware

Plug-and-Play Outdoor Cellular Base Station Compatible with the FreedomFi Gateway


Baicells Outdoor Small Cell

  • Improve Your Range

    LTE is superior when providing internet services at long-range due to the superior propagation characteristics, the low frequency of CBRS

    spectrum, and ability to minimize wireless interference.

  • Reach More Users

    The Nova430H powered by FreedomFi can provide users with speeds up to 220Mbps with up to 96 simultaneous cellular device connections. Provide more connections to more people to mine more HNT in a shorter period of time. 

  • Plug-and-Play

    The Nova430H Outdoor Small Cell has been designed in partnership with FreedomFi to be completely plug-and-play. You can purchase this unit, install it, and plug it in and it will work. You can get this device to work with virtually no knowledge of LTE systems.

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  • Run Private Cellular Networks On Your Terms

    FreedomFi Gateway is the first omni-protocol miner for the Helium network. It will mine HNT for providing LoRa coverage, but is also expandable with certified CBRS small cells, like the Nova430H pre-provisioned with FreedomFi firmware, to earn HNT cryptocurrency by offloading cellular data for carriers like DISH Wireless and GigSky.

  • Fast Shipping

    Nationwide (US Only)

  • 100% Secure

    Online Payment

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  • Inspection

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Commonly asked

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost/retail price?

The Outdoor Bundle is $3,498. Each require a FreedomFi Gateway to provide 5G/LTE coverage for the Helium network. Click here to purchase just the Nova430H.

I already have a Nova430H, can I just buy the gateway and plug it in to mine Helium?

No. Compatible Baicells units run a custom firmware in development by FreedomFi and Baicells. Units which have not been sold through approved channels, such as on, will not be registered and will not have the appropriate firwmare profile to interoperate with the FreedomFi Gateway. In addition to specialized firmware for plug and play interoperability, approved units are also registered with FreedomFi in their serial database, and come with 12 months of support and Spectrum Allocation Service (SAS) registration--a prepaid licensing fee required to operate on the Citizens Rights Broadband Spectrum (CBRS) spectrum band. Approved units also have Certified Professional Installation bundled in to their purchase price. As long as they are properly installed and configured to FreedomFi specification, this step will be completed remotely through the installation process.

Does this provide 5G coverage?

Outdoor rated small cells for the Helium Network from Baicells (the Nova 430H and 436Q) provide 4G LTE coverage to expand the Helium Network when paired with a FreedomFi Gateway, and once Helium Improvement Proposals 37 & 53 are ratified by the Helium community. The FreedomFi Gateway is capable of 5G/LTE Coverage.

Can I buy this Nova430H Pre-provisioned with FreedomFi firmware and FreedomFi unit combination somewhere else?

The units are only available for sale at CalChip Connect and FreedomFi.

CalChip Connect is the sole authorized seller and distributor of the Helium Network Kit.

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