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AUG 27, 2021

Why Fundamental Collaboration Is the Key Driver to the Success of the IoT Revolution

The IoT revolution requires a fundamental business practice to succeed: collaboration.

Like anything that has the potential to surpass the survival stage and achieve massive success in both favorable and challenging conditions, whether those conditions be political or economic, the IoT (Internet of Things) movement, or revolution as I like to call it, requires a fundamental component to succeed. And that component goes well beyond sensors and gateways. I’m referring to an essential in all business practices, and that is collaboration.

Every technology ecosystem foundation includes the basics, hardware, software, and services, that ultimately convert data into intelligence that we all can use for practical, everyday applications. I have found in my professional experience that no single technology platform, OEM, or service provider can successfully supply all the necessary elements to create the perfect and complete ecosystem. Thus, we need something intangible – an honest, pure, and benevolent connection between each other.


It’s no secret that teams that work together, cohesively, towards a common goal tend to achieve better results. Collaboration reduces the barriers to productivity, and in the IoT world, speed to market coupled with accuracy and functionality are critical to the success of any new technology solution.

Some predict that the next generation IoT will rely heavily on human-centered approaches, and to some extent, we’re already there. In AI, connectivity, and security, technology companies have built their platforms based on empathy with the people using the product or service. The premise is that by understanding the end-user’s needs, wants, and desires, the product team will build a solution that will be extremely useful and easy to use for the audience in which the solution was intended.

Suppose our goal is to deploy IoT architectures with better efficiency, scalability, security, and long-term applicability. In that case, we need to keep in mind the link between technology and human connection. My recommendation is to reach out to those who supported your career early on, whether a mentor, professor, football coach, neighbor or business associate. Ask how you can help them. You’ll be surprised at the fantastic opportunities you’ll uncover for both you, your company, and your connections.