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MAY 3, 2022

MerryIoT Official OTA Announcements

Firmware version: 2022.05.03.1

1. Release note:

Firmware version: 2022.04.22.2

1. Release note:

  • Fix some devices with old FW cannot run OTA issues.
  • Upgrade miner docker to 2022.04.19.0 GA.

Note: there might be some errors on the web interface after activating via chain variable on May 3, 2022, this is because some parameters are no longer supported after that (e.g. block height and so on.), so MerryIoT will have the next OTA version to fix these errors display at that time.

Firmware version: 2022.04.19.2

1. Release note:

  • Fixed http password will be recovered during OTA.
  • Fixed gateway_config keep crashing (In some cases of the MerryIoT logo LED light keeps blinking).
  • Security improvement

Firmware version: 2022.04.13.1

1. New feature: Support switching LoRaWAN® region plan through web interface.

Go to Hotspot > Switch Region Plan, select the region plan that you want by drop-down menu.

Please ignore below statement. MerryIoT will publish another version. Stay tuned.

Firmware version: 2022.03.29.1

1. Support dashboard login with password

Go to Administration, enable "Access with password", and type specified password, then Apply.

2. Support reset the login password by holding the pair button over 15 seconds, until you see the power LED blinking.

3. Support reboot feature

Go to Administration, you can see the REBOOT button.

4. Support Miner log tracing (1000 lines rotation)

Go to Logs, you can see different log types that you want to look at.