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Bob Assistant plus RotaryIQ is a LoRaWAN® low-power compatible vibration sensor and cloud or in-premise solution which is perfect for indoor and outdoor predictive maintenance of individual machines and motors on industrial applications. It comes combined with surface temperature, an RGB LED for the User Interface and a push-button for sensor operation. Measure start-stop cycles, temperature, anomaly index and good-bad vibration distributions that provide the tools required to monitor the health of your equipment and identify or be notified when a problem is in the horizon. Also receive immediate alarms upon certain configurable thresholds.

The sensor monitors the vibration signature of an equipment (pump, ventilation, etc.) on the ranges 0 to 400Hz (± 6Hz) and 0 to 12.4kHz (± 200Hz) every 5 minutes adjustable).

After an automatic learning period of 7 days, the sensor alerts in case of vibration drift, allowing maintenance teams to intervene before a breakage or failure. Sensor will also calculate FFT and provide peak values, registered at the RotaryIQ consoles along with equipment utilization and prediction to failure.

The data transmission on public or private LoRaWAN® network is done periodically or immediately in case of alert:

  • Exceeding the vibration drift threshold (adjustable).
  • Machine on/off (adjustable).
  • Installation and commissioning is quick and easy.

RotaryIQ provides among other things, real-time and historic data, peak frequencies and values for much better control over equipment efficiency, availability, effectiveness, and more. Add power+ option, and also control all related electrical signals such as Volts, Amps, KWh, KVar, Active & Reactive energy, and more. Aggregate sensors across multiple locations, and machines.

Kit Includes

  • 1 x Bob Sensor
  • 1 x Kerlink iFemtoCell Evolution
  • 6 months of Bob Assistant RotaryIQ on Senzary Network

Key Features

  • Easy to install and wireless. Just affix sensors to machines and turn it on.
  • No additional infrastructure or installation is required. Data accuracy above the industry average.
  • Unlimited historic storage available.
  • It is just like a stethoscope that measures your EKG and a blood sample that measures your health, but with vibrations, movement, temperature, plus more.
  • Professional sensors used by Michelin, ArcelorMittal, Veolia, Renault and many more companies worldwide
  • Automated learning of your equipment patterns and anomaly to determine "NORMAL" then it monitors and alerts of any anomalies in motors or machines.
  • Automatic calculation of drift and FFT based anomaly detection up to 32 different patterns.

Technical Documentation

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