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The Orkney LORA IoT Cloud App offers a feature rich, universal solution for managing your IoT devices over LoRaWAN®.

The app is ready to go with pre-made dashboards, downlink commands and functionality for an ever growing range of off the shelf IoT devices. If your device is listed on the Orkney LORA website, then Orkney LORA's app automatically supports it.

BUT, with their dedicated team of developers, Orkney LORA's application can support almost any kind of LoRaWAN® IoT device. All we need, to onboard your IoT solution, is the Make and Model of your device, its EUI keys, and for the device to be switched on and within network coverage area then our team will take care of the rest remotely.

Some features of the app include, setting alerts via Push Notifications, SMS message and Email. The ability to create and use geofences for GPS trackers. Interact with devices by sending downlink commands such as smart plugs and smart lighting. Automated reports and exporting of data to CSV files, and much more. Some functions are only applicable to specific devices.

Orkney LORA primarily work with the Helium network, the world's largest public LoRaWAN® network, due to its universal and massive global coverage. However, we are more than happy to utilize other public or private LoRa networks.

All sensor/device data is sent to Orkney LORA's own Virtual Private Server via the Helium network, or alternative LoRa network, processed and then forwarded to their IoT cloud application.

Key Features

  • Unlimited data usage over the helium network
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Export data history, and schedule automated reports
  • Geofencing (for compatible devices)
  • Device interaction and control via downlinks (for compatible devices)
  • x25 SMS notification per month, x50 email notifications per month, 100x Push Notifications per month and upto 5 end user accounts

Technical Documentation

Adding a new Sensor or Device in the Orkney LORA app
Data Package and Activation
Orkney LORA Deployment Package