SKU: ANT-000002-EU
MPN: FG8243

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Laird Connectivity’s FG8243 omnidirectional fiberglass base station antennas are collinear designs enclosed in a high-density fiberglass which is covered with a protective ultraviolet inhibiting coating.
The radiating elements are made from high-efficiency copper and are carefully phased to provide maximum gain in the horizontal plane. The mounting sleeves are tuned to eliminate RF currents from the transmission line, resulting in a cold sleeve allowing great freedom in mounting. This high quality and well-focused beam provides the highest gain and best efficiency.

Key Features

  • For gateways with 868 MHz frequency
  • High performance
  • Easy installation w/ optional FM2SP
  • Special UV treated randome/resists sun damage
  • Durable gold anodized sleeve and cap with N-Female Connector
  • 100% tested on Network Analyzer before shipping
  • Custom tuning available


  • Omnidirectional (circular) outdoor antenna applications used by private organizations and government agencies around the globe.
  • Typical applications include land based and marine radio and data transmissions for public safety agencies, commercial organizations, and the military.

Technical Documentation

Laird Connectivity 5.15 dBi Antenna FG8243