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FreedomFi Helium 5G Outdoor Bundle (Gateway & Small Cell)
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The FreedomFi Helium Cellular Mining Bundle is currently only available in the United States and includes everything that is required to get started with mining cellular data on the Helium Network. The package contains one FreedomFi Gateway and one Baicells Nova430H - pre-provisioned with FreedomFi Firmware.

The Baicells Nova430H pre-provisioned with FreedomFi Firmware is the first outdoor CBRS small cell, plug-n-play certified for the FreedomFi Gateway. It supports power over ethernet (PoE), comes with a pre-integrated 13.5dBi, 65 degree sector antenna and is pre-configured to operate in Carrier Aggregation mode for optimal downlink performance.

FreedomFi Gateway will mine HNT for providing LoRa® coverage, just like any other Helium Hotspot. In addition, cellular antenna extension will allow you to earn additional Helium rewards when cellular data comes to the Helium Network.


Need Help With Installation?

If you are not comfortable with such work, or not able to perform this work safely, please consult a professional.

  • Currently only available in the United States
  • Improve Your Range - LTE is superior when providing internet services at long-range due to the superior propagation characteristics, the low frequency of CBRS spectrum, and ability to minimize wireless interference.
  • Reach More Users -  The Nova430H pre-provisioned with FreedomFi firmware can provide users with speeds up to 220Mbps with up to 96 simultaneous cellular device connections. Provide more connections to more people to mine more HNT in a shorter period of time.
  • Plug-N-Play - The Nova430H Outdoor Small Cell has been designed in partnership with FreedomFi to be completely plug-and-play. You can purchase this unit, install it, and plug it in and it will work. You can get this device to work with virtually no knowledge of LTE systems.

Hardware Specifications 

Max Throughput: DL
220 Mbps, UL: 28 Mbps
Max Simultaneous Connections
CBRS Band 48 (3550 - 3700 MHz)
CBRS LTE, Dual Carrier, 2x2 MIMO per carrier
Max Transmission Power
24dBm / 250mW per RF Path
Dimensions H x W x D : 12.2 x 8.9 x 4.1 inches
Weight IEEE 802.3bt standard
Operating Temperature
-40°F to 131°F / -40°C to 55°C
Mounting Pole or wall mount

Kit Contents

  • 1 x FreedomFi Gateway - $999
  • 1 x Baicells Nova430H - Pre-provisioned with FreedomFi Firmware - Plug-and-Play Outdoor Small Cell - $2,499

Savings of $600 when you bundle!

Technical Documentation

Download FreedomFi Outdoor Small Cell Bundle Datasheet

OnTech Installation Service

We’ve partnered with OnTech Smart Services as our premier installation provider for FreedomFi gateways and small cells! OnTech Pros take care of everything in one appointment – installation, setup, and education – allowing you to build and use your own personal LTE and IoT network with confidence. 

*If installation is purchased, we will email you over instructions to book your installation with OnTech.

CalChip Connect in partnership with gigsky

Once you have your FreedomFi Small Cell installed and running, you’re able to start utilizing the network! FreedomFi and CalChip Connect have partnered with GigSky to provide connectivity via an eSIM and are providing a 60-day free trial to everyone who purchases one. Already purchased a small cell? Download the GigSky app here and click the button below to redeem your 60-day “Helium Bundle” plan ($59.99 value)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? We've got you covered!

When I get and set up the small cell will all phones nearby automatically get 5G coverage?

No. Only cellular devices that use data plans from Helium 5G roaming partners, such as GigSky and Dish Wireless will have the ability to connect to and benefit from the small cell you deploy. Just like Helium LoRa network that has been growing the number of its LoRa users over time, Helium 5G network will grow the number of Helium 5G roaming partners over time. In addition to GigSky and Dish Wireless, we expect to announce new roaming partners in the coming months and will continue growing the network in collaboration with the Helium team.

If no cellular data hits my antenna, will I still earn proof-of-coverage rewards for deploying Helium Cellular Bundle?

We are currently working with the Helium community to explore modifying Helium’s current proof-of-coverage (PoC) algorithm to include PoC rewards for non-LoRa wireless protocols, which we hope will help accelerate the deployment of Helium 5G network. The details of these proposals are available for public review as Helium Improvement Proposal 37, 51 & 53.

Should the Helium community approve the aforementioned proposals, you will be able to earn rewards for Cellular and Wi-Fi proof-of-coverage in addition to LoRa. This will enable you to get ROI on your small cell investment even if no data hits your location right away.

How much more money will this earn than just a regular Helium Hotspot?

Unfortunately we cannot give you an exact number. Variables such as number of roaming partners onboarded, location of your cellular antenna and community approval (or otherwise) of HIP 37, 51 & 53 all influence the answer.

Since we are still in the early stages of onboarding cellular roaming partners and have not yet approved or implemented 5G PoC related HIPs, you won’t earn a lot more than a regular Helium hotspot on day one. However, if all goes well, we expect that over the next 24 months the earning potential of Helium 5G node operators will far exceed those of LoRa-only hotspot operators.

If I wanted to connect my own phone or laptop to it, how can I do it?

In April 2022, we expect to introduce a Helium sim card that will allow you to connect any CBRS-band compatible device to the Helium 5G network without using an eSIM or a third party app. And the data on your self-deployed Helium 5G network will always be free to you.

Is this 5G or LTE?

This is not a black or white answer. 5G is an architecture standard for cellular wireless networks that covers:

  • Architecture of the software (aka the network core);
  • Architecture of the radio hardware and interfaces

Contrary to the common belief, 5G is not specific to a frequency band and is not the same as high frequency mmWave. 5G uses much of the same frequencies as LTE.

With the Helium 5G rollout, we use CBRS spectrum (aka mid-band 5G spectrum) and provide a 5G-compliant architecture for the network core that runs on a FreedomFi Gateway. However, the first set of small cells we certified are LTE.

Why? Because LTE small cells are cheaper and more phones can connect to them. With pure 5G small cells today you gain nothing except higher equipment cost and a shorter phone compatibility list. As "high-band" 5G small cells operating in the mmWave frequencies become more common-place and cheaper, we will certify those radios and FreedomFi gateway owners will be able plug them into the gateway without needing to buy a different FreedomFi Gateway.

Can I buy one FreedomFi Gateway, but multiple small cells to go with it?

Yes. FreedomFi gateway can support up to 7 simultaneously connected small cells. You will need to install a switch between the gateway and a small cells, since the gateway only has 3 ethernet ports dedicated to small cells on the gateway box itself.

Can I buy any model CBRS radio and connect it to FreedomFi Gateway?

No. FreedomFi Gateway will only work with certified CBRS radios. Cellular radios come in many flavors and have a million knobs and settings. The only way for us to ensure consistent operation and security across all deployments is to only allow pre-certified radios with verified firmware presets.

What is a good location to put an outdoor small cell?

Unlike LoRa hotspots that have miles of range, outdoor small cells roughly have 5-6x the range Wi-Fi and come with directional sector antennas. If you put the small cell inside of your own house, not too many people will be able to connect to it (unless you point it out the window overlooking a park or something).

We recommend placing outdoor small cells outdoors (which is what they are designed for), pointing the antenna (front of small cell) towards highly trafficked locations like busy city streets, downtowns or outdoor shopping malls with lots of foot traffic etc.

Will outdoor small cells require professional certification by a certified professional installer (CPI)?

Yes, but it will be done for you remotely. During the install process you will be asked to complete a series of measurements and submit photographic proof and details of the install location. Please review the outdoor small cell install guides for details. Using these details, we will provide complete remote CPI certification of the install. There is no cost for remote CPI certification of the outdoor small cells.

Please keep in mind, misrepresenting install details (either intentionally or otherwise) is an FCC rules violation, punishable by death. Just kidding… but the fines are steep so do you best to get it right.

Do I need to make sure it’s possible to get a GPS signal at the location I plan to install the outdoor cellular antenna?

Yes, outdoor small cell must be installed at an outdoor location with a relatively clear view of the sky, such that it can obtain a GPS lock.

After I get my Helium cellular mining bundle, are there any additional recurring fees that I need to pay?

12 months following the activation of your outdoor cellular antenna you will have to pay a recurring fee of $10/month for as long as you keep your cellular antenna active. Per mandate from the FCC, operators of CBRS cellular devices are required to pay a recurring fee to spectrum access server operators. Cost of the first year is on us.

Will I earn less rewards from my existing Helium miner if I put FreedomFi Gateway next to it?

Yes. HIP 17 rules apply to FreedomFi Gateways the same way they do to any other Helium Hotspot. If you place multiple hotspots within 300 feet of each other, it will negatively affect your mining rewards.

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Terms & Conditions of Purchase

  • I agree to the terms and conditions of the sale, including the no returns policy for FreedomFi Gateway after onboarding to the Helium blockchain.
  • I have read all the FAQs related to the purchase of FreedomFi Gateway and/or Plug-and-Play Small Cells and understand all the limitations, including the following.
  • Only compatible phones with a sim card from Helium network offload with partners (like GigSky) will be able to connect to the Helium CBRS network; this does not yet include AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon phone
  • FreedomFi Gateway will note mine more HNT than a regular Helium hotspot until expanded with a certified CBRS antenna or Wi-Fi Access Point.
  • FreedomFi Gateway does not have a Wi-Fi built-in and must be connected to the internet using a standard ethernet cable (not included).
  • Plug-and-Play Small Cells will not mine HNT until after HIP 37/51 has been passed and implemented and/or a large number of cellular offload partners have been onboarded to the Helium network.
  • For the Indoor Small Cell to auto-provision and start working, it needs to be placed at a location where it can get a GPS lock.
  • A restocking fee of 15% will be assessed for returns on all FreedomFi devices
  • If you choose to return unopened FreedomFi equipment to CalChip for an eligible refund, the cost of return shipping and shipping insurance will be deducted from the eligible return amount, in addition to applicable restocking fees.
  • If you live in an area that has an HOA, please make sure there is no issue with you installing the outdoor small cell.
  • Please note that if choosing OnTech installation, they require written Landlord Approval for installation of an Outdoor CBRS Small Cell. Obtaining approval and understanding your deployment is entirely up to you. CalChip Connect assumes no responsibility.