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LDS02 is powered by 2 x AAA batteries and built for long time use. These two batteries can provide about 16,000 ~ 70,000 uplink packets. After the battery runs out, users can easily open the enclosure and replace with 2 common AAA batteries.

The LDS02 will periodically send data every day every time the door is opened or closed. It also counts the amount of times the door opens and calculates the duration of the last time the door was opened. User can disable the uplink for each open/close event, instead, device can count each open event and uplink periodically.

LDS02 has the open alarm feature, meaning user can set the device to send an alarm if the door has been open for a certain time.

Key Features

  • LoRaWAN® v1.0.3 Class A
  • SX1262 LoRa Core
  • Door Open/Close detect
  • 2 x AAA LR03 Batteries
  • Door open/close statistics
  • Bands: CN470/EU433/KR920/US915/EU868/AS923/AU915/IN865
  • AT Commands to change parameters
  • Uplink on periodically and open/close action
  • Open duration alarm
  • Downlink to change configure
  • Dimensions: 40 x 15 x 15 mm

Key Retrieval

After your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email from CalChip Connect with instructions on how to retrieve the LoRaWAN® EUIs and keys for your sensor devices. Subject line of the email will be: "CalChipConnect Order - Important information to use your sensors".

Technical Documentation

Download Datasheet
Quick Start Guide
Dragino LDS02 Payload
Dragino LDS02 Firmware


Dragino LoRaWAN® Door Sensor