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MPN: CareBand 4 Demo Kit


CareBand 4 Demo Kit is an all-in-one package to explore use cases around the safety and health of people.

    CareBand 4 is a patent-pending LoRaWAN® wearable that includes BLE, wireless charging (based on the Qi standard), on-body sensing, an accelerometer, front & back facing LEDs, vibration feedback, and a button.  

    All customers receive access to the Getting Started Docs as well as information to set up the solution for various use cases including for senior living wander management, hospitality staff panic button, and hospital patient tracking.

    Key Features

    • Based on LoRaWAN®, BLE, and Qi standards.
    • Pre-configured and pre-provisioned. Simply add your CareBand 4 to any LNS, point your device to the CareBand Cloud, and login to the CareBand Portal.
    • Flexible UI to manage users, wearables, buildings, beacons, maps, and alerts.
    • Support for custom embedded machine learning models (TinyML).
    • Firmware update Over The Air (OTA).
    • Various location tracking modes with ultra-low power.
    • Available with volume purchase
        • Use case specific embedded software
        • Product customization
        • White label
        • Custom logos, designs, and colors

    What's Included

    • 1 x CareBand 4
    • 3 x CareBand beacons
    • 1 x CareBand charger
    • 3-months of free access to CareBand Portal and CareBand Manager mobile app
    • Works with any LoRaWAN® Network Server
    • Additional CareBand equipment such as beacons, chargers, and wearables can be purchased separately 
    CareBand 4 Demo Kit