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The Industrial Tracker is a general-purpose tracker designed for GPS tracking on various applications such as bicycles, cars or pets. It's equipped with GPS and 3-axis accelerometer that provides a much more cost-effective way for service providers to deploy this for tracking applications than to use the GPRS network.

*A magnet is needed to activate the tracker. 
*This sensor is not compatible with the Helium Tabs app*

LoRa Cloud™ Locator

This product is compatible with Semtech’s LoRa Cloud™ Locator service. Locator is the easiest way to experience first-hand the accuracy and power consumption of LoRa Edge™ for asset tracking in any IoT vertical. For more information, visit

Key Features

  • A magnet is needed to activate the tracker
  • LoRaWAN 1.0.3
  • High-resolution GNSS module
  • IP66 equivalent

Key Retrieval 

After your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email from CalChip Connect with instructions on how to retrieve the LoRaWAN® EUIs and keys for your sensor devices. Subject line of the email will be: "CalChipConnect Order - Important information to use your sensors".

Technical Documentation

Browan Industrial Tracker
4446 6200